Italian reform on Education: St.Charlians expected to participate in protests

“Students marched through Italian cities on Tuesday in protest against education reforms, blocking roads and railway lines in some of the biggest demonstrations seen in decades. The students, who last week occupied tourist sites around the country including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, have vowed to block proposed changes by Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini.

The reforms – which include spending cuts and set time limits on research – were approved by the lower house of parliament on Tuesday and now move to the Senate for approval.

Thousands of students streamed through central Rome, chanting and waving banners bearing slogans such as “education is on its knees” and threw eggs, vegetables, bottles and fireworks toward parliament. They later blocked streets and stormed railway stations and lay down on the tracks, disrupting train services.

Scuffles with police broke out when protesters tried to approach parliament. Similar protests in other cities also led to tension with police. “We want to see a grass-roots reform, not a reform that stems from the corridors of power,” said 24-year-old Tommaso Ricci, a mathematics student at the University of Florence. […]

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi hailed the passage through the lower house as a “fatal blow to nepotism” and blamed the protests as the work of left-wing extremists. “The real students are at home studying,” he told Ansa news agency.”

(from Reuters)

Around Italy, students have been protesting against the new Italian reform on Education proposed by current Italian Minister of Education, Mariastella Gelmini. The reform is also expected to cut funds from public university to private ones. The law was approved this afternoon by the Italian Parliament and will judged by the Senate on December 9, which is however likely to vote in favor. As a response, several St.Charlian politicians are expected to participate in protests tomorrow and in the next days.

Minister of Foreign Affairs James Lunam has confirmed his absence at the Ambassadorial Council tomorrow for a student protest. “This reform is just a bunch of cuts, nothing else. – he said to the press lately – Occupation is now useless, as politicians do not care about occupied schools. What we really need is a popular rebellion in order to destroy the rotten politics that is governing Italy”.

Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt, on the other hand, has invited citizens of Tor Pendente and District to “stand up” against the reform. “My wish is to be able to live in a democratic country, rules by people who work for the population and not for themselves or their prostitutes. We are the next generation that will take power, we cannot let them ruin our future”, he said.

Student protests and occupations of school buildings are expected to take place throughout the week in several major cities of Italy.

7 Responses to “Italian reform on Education: St.Charlians expected to participate in protests”
  1. Good luck! I hope they listen to you.

  2. We applaud St.Charlie’s efforts in stopping these madman reforms to education! Go forth and be heard, and hopefully Rome will listen to you.

  3. James Thomson(Danesland) says:

    Thank God! Tell those beureaucratic losers whose boss! Good luck!

  4. King Anthony says:

    Good Luck and tell em where they can shove it

  5. Alexander Connery says:

    Noi ieri a manifestare stavamo

  6. uslssr says:

    so it’s not only the UK! Good luck to you all. Fight the power.

  7. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Well, of course privatization of education isn’t good way, but as I think it’s one of the way for fight with crisis. Anyway, good luck my dear anti-Berlusconi-ans 🙂

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