Decision 2011: Federal candidates published, District may face delay

The National Party of St.Charlie and the St.Charlian Socialist Party have published this evening the list of candidates for the legislative (or parliamentary) elections, which will start on Tuesday, December 7, and end on Saturday, December 11, except for (maybe) District. The capital city may have a delay in the electoral process due to a “possible absence of a working electoral commission”, says President Barbara Ruvolo, which has been confirmed again as a candidate for another Legislatura. The decree proposed by Minister James Lunam places the elections in District from December 21 to December 25 for the MPs, and from December 27 to December 30 for the Prime Minister, and will be voted by the current Assembly in the next days.

Indeed, the lists which have been published, albeit possible changes in the following days, show old and new names. The Socialist Party has proposed, for Tor Pendente: Elizabeth Evans, for District: Alexander Rikkeri, and for Greater Ridgeway: Elena Ferranti. The National Party, on the other hand, has confirmed Barbara Ruvolo for District, Valentina Marchesi for Tor Pendente and Annabelle Pincer for Greater Ridgeway. Both movements were unable to give a name for the Federation of Caroline Charlotte; talks with local party members are apparently underway.

An election debate was also proposed, to be hosted on Tinychat, between Alexander Reinhardt and Nicolò Alvisi. It will take place on December 8, at 3pm District Time (2pm GMT), more updates to be released in the following days.


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