Reinhardt’s Corner: and so there were two!

I remember April 2009, the exhibition in London for school, people looking at St.Charlie as a strange and unusual school project. I was there, sitting at my “desk”, that me and former Minister of Defense Nicolas Bermejo made (and which also looked pretty good, I might have the pictures), signing small documents for people, citizenship applications, explaining to people why our president was actually a dog, and most importantly.. “why a micronation”. I remember thinking how much this would have lasted: I thought it would have been fun to explain it to my eventual children in the future, or at a Christmas dinner in twenty-or-so years but I would have never imagined we would have lasted for more than a year. “Maybe during a summer we’ll disappear” I thought. Oh well, looks like I was thankfully wrong.

St.Charlie still lives after two long years. Judging by the amount of micronations that are created every single week, we can consider ourselves very lucky. The possible difference between us and others is that we’re not an extremely pompous and serious state, created only for self-aggrandisement, but rather a hub, where people meet and discuss, a way to simulate politics without entering into strict details. It is true that we have to do some serious stuff sometimes, bur for the rest, we’re not a bunch of maniacs.

A lot of things have changed since the last anniversary. This time, I totally gave up with the idea of a live broadcast: last time it ended up being a huge failure, so today I didn’t even think about it. On the other hand, for this second anniversary, I went to celebrate in Puntarossa with other friends, explaining to them what it was about. They obviously looked at me with a puzzled face, but then appreciated it. Socially speaking, in a year our small country became more informal, a lot of the active citizens of 2009 left for more serious stuff, and new people came. Last year it was New Ridgeway, this year it’s Caroline Charlotte and Tor Pendente. Next year? Who knows, maybe new federations, new people.

New people joined as well. A good part of my cabinet became more active this year instead of the last one, while other people joined, such as Patryk. Right now he doesn’t have that much to do, but I’m expecting to see him active after the elections, even if we don’t get the result we expect, promised! Nick has apparently found a lot to study, as he disappeared since October, although I assume he’s just very busy with school. I’m hoping to seem him again as soon as possible and have a chat with him. You see? This is what St.Charlie became.. you’re not just a Director, a Party member, a Military officer, or a Trade unionist (no, they don’t exist in here, it was an example). You’re a human being first, and this is why we treat each other with respect and friendliness.. at least in public. 😀

Changes in the future? Apparently several people see a possible Socialist government in 2011 (although I hope not :P) and our long-time Admiral Leonard Von Sternberg is slowly giving up the Armed Forces for school work, even if we all hope he’ll be able to remain and do the least possible; he would be surely missed, although we do end up sometimes arguing at the General Assembly with the other politicians, and after all, a lot of people in St.Charlie will have to study a lot next year.

Yes, that can be an issue as well: school. In 2011, a good number of us will graduate, and we all expect huge amounts of work and things to memorize. Next year might not be as intense as these last two, but probably we’ll always have the time to discuss when possible. Maybe we’ll concentrate more “offline” than “online”, only future will tell, but one thing is sure: this other year was fantastic, and I thank again all those that made it like that, even non-St.Charlians.

5 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: and so there were two!”
  1. Philip Fish says:

    Congratulations to all 🙂

  2. Well, you beat the GDR to its two-year anniversary. Congratulations to St.Charlie for two years of micronationalism. Here’s to the future!

  3. Congratulations on behalf of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis! Of all micronations, we recognize our nation most in St. Charlie. In two years we have much in common: a micronation with a strong micronational culture and real-life meetings 🙂
    On this moment we even share the same ‘problems’, many Flandrensisians haven’t much time because school or work (even myself). But also we have the same vision about what a micronationalist must be: “You’re a human being first”.

    I hope that our both nations may exist many years and I wish St. Charlie the best luck for the future!

    Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis, Secretary-General of the Flandrensisian Commonwealth

  4. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Nice article. I hope that Nick come back to micro-journalism soon, I missed of his writing style 😉

  5. Nice Article… My classical speech is coming right now.. 🙂

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