Socialist Party chooses Alvisi for 2011 General Elections

In what was described as an “unusual yet expected” move by the National Party, the St.Charlian Socialist Party has decided to candidate Vice Secretary General Nicolò Alvisi for the 2011 General Elections. The news was published yesterday on the Official Forum by current leader of the SCSP Magnus de Armis which specified that “leaving the scepter to the young ones of the Party is a vital choice. It is undoubtedly right to give possibilities to change to those who want to”. The new candidate hasn’t yet expressed its opinion, but has agreed to have a debate with current National Party candidate, Alexander Reinhardt.

Alvisi, current Minister of Justice and creator of the St.Charlian Penal and Civil Code, which is expected to be ratified before the end of the IInd Legislature, applied for the Socialist Party already in 2009 before being nominated in charge of the Department of Justice.

With the decision taken by the SCSP, the elections are expected to have incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt run against the SCSP Vice Secretary.

2 Responses to “Socialist Party chooses Alvisi for 2011 General Elections”
  1. James Thomson(Danesland) says:

    Viel Gluck. 😀

  2. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    As I know Nicoló Alvisi haven’t create a Civil Code, only Penal.

    Anyway, if someone is interested, that’s interview with Nicoló:

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