Landashir’n OAM Referendum

Following criticism from citizens of the Community of Landashir about the Organisation of Active Micronations, the Premier of Landashir, James Puchowski has announced that a referendum will be held on Landashir’s membership later this month, after a 2 week trial period on the newly elected administration. One citizen, a member of James Puchowski’s family (the only current citizens of the country)  has said that “we’ve been in this organisation for quite some time, and we have seen no benefits that the OAM has given us and our membership hasn’t benefited them at all either. That’s why we’re thinking of pulling out. We want to see how the new administration will work first, you see.”

Premier Puchowski has also said that “I’ve brought the idea of a referendum to the Landashir’n people. We don’t particularly hate the OAM, but we just don’t know why we joined in the first place, to be frank. So, we’re going to make a decision: do we stay or do we go, and that simple decision will definitely bring in some new self confidence into our community.” The referendum is planned to be held on the 21st of November.

7 Responses to “Landashir’n OAM Referendum”
  1. Premier Bradley, Premier of Wyvern says:

    The CLP and BP parties in Wyvern have stated the same thought about the oam as the Landashir’n citizens. The Wyvern administration doesnt take action because we also dont have a clue what were going to do. The government will hold a meating somewere within this weak and will discuss this matter.

    It is unlikely for Wyvern to leave the OAM.

    We respect Landashir for its dessision.

    Bradley of Dullahan,
    Prime-Minister of the Kingdom of Wyvern
    Duke of Dullahan
    Count of Dortstanja
    Leader of the CLP
    Vice-Chairman of the ICA

  2. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Sorry but what kind of criticism it was? That you don’t won (unfortunately) the elections?

  3. James Puchowski/ Landashir'n Government says:

    Let me explain. This referendum is not a result of the election. This was going to happen regardless of who won because this is an internal Landashir’n matter. The criticism is, is that Landashir is not benefiting at all from our membership of the OAM, and that we are thinking about leaving.

  4. King Quentin I of Wyvern says:

    It is not so unlikely, Bradley. I’m wondering more and more what the OAM is actually doing. What did the OAM actually help us with? How did the OAM influence us, apart from arguments that destroyed unity?

  5. Rukora says:

    It’s unfortunate you all feel this way. But when I’m the Secretary General, there will be a reason to be in the OAM as I will make sure each member nation is happy. I know Wyvern have already withdrawn their membership but for Landashir, you can contact me saying what you would want from the OAM and I will see what I can get done. I don’t know why so have decided my first day would be the day there would be lots of talk of withdrawal, but I intend to make sure this isn’t the case ASAP.

  6. Philip Fish says:

    If you feel that the OAM doesn’t bring benefits, propose something to reform it – simple. Think about exactly what you want it to bring. I think that it is about the election, as Patryk said. Is it really a coincidence that the day after three candidates lost, they all either withdraw or start to talk about withdrawing from the OAM? I mean seriously.

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