Puchowski has something to say

There are 2 elections going on at the moment. One in the OAM and the other on the new MicroWiki – that seems to be crashing constantly. I’m in both of them. I’m not particularly optimistic in either… but I think I would just make a few things clear before you start to place your votes.

This community is fantastic. I have to say it; you are all amazing. We are a fast developing group of nations and every single one of us is dedicated to progress and improving micronationalism. I am really proud to be part of a group of people who actually tolerate each other and share the same interests. Yes, there are wars and yes we like to have arguments, but seriously – what would there be there to do if we didn’t have any of this “action”? (I’d probably take up a new hobby, perhaps stand up comedy. … Nah.) Micronationalism has given me a completely different view of the world. I used to be under this impression that every single person is bad or good, and there is no in between. I judged people, and I still do; we all do. But now I see the qualities of every person. Whilst I hated, and literally still hate Robert Lethler, I saw that who ever he was, was a great speaker; a convincing arguer who was very good at defending his position in situations – a quality that I wish I had. We are all changing as people, as statesmen and politicians – and I agree that people can change. Like Mr. von Linden (who was once Dresner, if you forgot).

You shouldn’t have. Mr. von Linden today is a very apt and capable young man who is very convincing and also very friendly and talkative. How he will cope in the future will be a sight to see – a man who has already played several characters and played with us who has now admitted to who he is and is now working to improve things, which I am ecstatic about. This community has given him an umpteenth chance to change himself, we have been very kind, but with this, we cannot expect to completely ignore and forget what he has done. I won’t go on and attack him because I think enough damage has been done, but I want to work with him – I will do anyway when Landashir joins the Commonwealth and I hope that he will keep this promise to not to create characters in which he can lie with.

The GUM has died and I am still trying to get over the fact that I had to make that decision to end it. The OAM election is giving me a chance to continue to improve things in the Community. But this constant arrogant obsession of mine to take such a position is unhealthy. I don’t expect to win and I don’t expect things to improve. In fact, I believe it is more worthwhile to improve things in my own nation, developing our cultures and governments. Intermicronational organisations are not the be all and end all – and the only reason I wanted to save the GUM is because it still had life in it and could still hold its position in the Community as a group of nations who want to work together and frankly – get along. The OAM was created due to a protest in the GUM, so that is why I do not believe the merger went ahead. The GUM was corrupt and it was the lack of corruption that caused the end of it – i.e. the departure of Lethler.

Now, I have a chance to have a break. You may be asking why I am still partaking in these elections if I do not think I will win – well, it’s because people support me. People still do and I urge the fact that because this is a democratic election, you vote for the person you want to run or help run something. It has been proved that people trust me and I gladly accept your trust. If you realise my experience and capabilities in this election – of course, vote for me! But the others have proven that they prefer others to me, and that is fine. I have important exams to complete and a country to run, and I have spend enough time now trying to clean up the mess left by others and worrying about taking responsibility.

Make the right decision tomorrow. Think about it. I know it sounds silly for me to run through the basics of democracy, but a lot of people every year just vote for the person who’s more likely to keep things the same or keep some people in direct influence over others – like a safe seat in the UK’s House of Commons, in fact. I am still debating who I will vote for – which is why I am consulting Langov tomorrow to make their decision for me. Hopefully, they will make an educated decision and I shall continue my representation in this Community and be a voice for our country. I’ve been through no corruption, I’ve taken responsibility and I conduct diplomacy – just like the rest of you.

James Puchowski

7 Responses to “Puchowski has something to say”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Goh, I read all without breath, which means that it’s great article 🙂 Honestly I don’t know the situation with Sebastian “before change”, but the most important is what is nowadays, past is history now 😛

  2. Marka Mejakhansk says:

    One day you’ll let the Dresner thing go and stop using it as a weapon against him. He’s trying his best these days.

  3. James Puchowski/ Landashir'n Government says:

    To BOTH of you, I have something to say. I only brought up the “Dresner” issue because we DO not forget what happens in history – but there is time to forgive and to prove oneself otherwise – AS I HAVE WRITTEN. I have also said that “I am ecstatic about” his re-entry and that he “is a very apt and capable young man”. He is not Lethler. I do not hate him. I have high hopes for him – but he cannot take complete advantage this opportunity because as much as he will deny this – people do not forget. People never forget the Second World War, but there is still time to forgive each side mutually, as has been now proved. Please see the context in which I am writing.

  4. Tom Turner (Rukora) says:

    A great article I must say. I’m not standing in the Admin Elections but as you all know, I am standing in the OAM Election to try nd gofor Secretary General. I believe I can win that election as I know where the OAM will go under me. I hope everyone sees the same.

  5. Bradley of Dullahan (Wyvern) says:

    I cant say how wrong Sebastiano and Tom Turner are. The freedom is the right way and the way of true freedom of speech are the ways. Elect me for a mighty peace loving free OAM.

    Thats all and abou the Dresner issue, its going to fast he needs to slow down.

  6. King Quentin I of Wyvern says:

    This article is well-written. However, I hold some suspicion towards Sebastiano von Linden. I remember him from when he was Dresner and all his other personas. There are two things that make me object to his quick re-entry in the community.

    The first thing is that it has taken as little as an apology to get forgiveness from so many people. He is accepted into the community, while Bradley, who has never intentionally lied to get power, is denounced simply because of what he believes in. I think actions should weigh more than ideas. And using this philosophy, I’m still far from forgiving Sebastiano von Linden.

    The second thing is also related to his actions. He is still behaving in a way that some find offensive. I find his way of discussing with others very manipulative and aggressive. For example, when he was discussing something with someone in a private chat, I was pulled into the discussion by him.

    I must stress, though, that I disagree with Bradley. Tom Turner is a good politician and I think that, despite the fact that I disagree with him, he would make a good Secretary-General.

  7. Marka Mejakhansk says:

    It seems to me, James, that you are using his Dresner history as a tool because you can find no problem with his campaign to exploit.

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