Reinhardt’s Corner: Tor Pendente is fun, really

The beer was also really good, but that’s another story..

The Federation of Tor Pendente is seen by a lot of people as the big nursery of St.Charlie; the one that gives birth to our active citizens, politicians, military officers and even comedians. Contrary to the other Federations, this one is always in constant development, and the percentage of people that participate at a national level is higher than any other region of our small federal republic.

I have a special relationship with Tor Pendente: I met James Lunam on the internet a long time ago, who then presented me his friends. Like in all cases, “friends of friends” are that special type of people you know, that everyone meets in their lifetime, those people that know you, might like to share some time with you, but don’t see you as a proper section of their lives, as you don’t always meet them. Well, I have found a different case here. The people of Tor Pendente make it one of the friendliest regions of St.Charlie: they might not know you well, but they make everything possible to make you feel part of their group, to let you see how it is to hang out with them. I have visited them only a few times, and everytime they give me a taste of their life. If the summit of last weekend was a great success, it was all thanks to them, and if they’re reading this article, I’d like to tell them again how wonderful it was.

Yes, it was a possibility to discuss what’s going on with my cabinet, but it was also a way to have fun in “real life”, as we don’t meet very often. I was also looking forward to meet the new SCAF recruit, Private Guariberti, which also asked for a “portrait”, and it seemed to me like a guy the Armed Forces need.

So, I came there on Friday and we spent the evening in the city of Bologna, where the people of Tor Pendente (yes, we were about a dozen people) were presented to Admiral General Von Sternberg. At first they were obviously a bit scared, maybe by the fact Leonard has a beard, but then they soon started to talk a bit more with him. Lately, when he came back to Caroline Charlotte, he apparently discussed with President Ritter in order to make a small “treaty” that officially ended the “cold war” between the two federations (which had existed since August 2009). Nothing really serious, but it was interesting to see the impact the visit had on Caroline Charlotte and our “tough” General.

Marchesi and Lunam in Tor Pendente. If I remember correctly, we were talking about the Commonwealth

Saturday was different. Me and James Lunam firstly sorted out a few documents for President Cassidy (oh, we also made some Passports, and they looked great), then I had my “first” official state visit to Tor Pendente, where we had a talk with President Marchesi. She showed me the territory, which I didn’t see completely, to be honest, the “presidential dogs”, and had a talk with James. I thank her again for her collaboration and wonderful reception. However, the real fun came during the evening when Marchesi organized an amazing gala dinner where all of us dressed with white ties and elegant clothes danced to classical music while drinking champagne.. hahahah! Just kidding, we actually had a costume party.

The Confederation of Evil, also known as “the St.Charlians”

Short story: I was dressed as Charles de Gaulle, since Minister Alvisi was dressed as Adolf Hitler. Then we had James Lunam as Garibaldi, and other citizens as God, Satan, and even an Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. We shared a laugh while tasting the great food of Tor Pendente together with a bottle of wine (but only one, I swear). We ended up singing Italian songs and play poker. I did have a lot of fun.

The Federal President, Lisa Cassidy, decides to show us one of her awards (actually, thanks again for the wonderful pictures; a lot of the ones I have of the meeting were taken by her!)

Hitler decides to play and drink, in order to forget the loss of the war.

James Lunam tries to imitate (unsuccessfully) a “popular Italian politician of the 1940s

I left Tor Pendente on Sunday morning with a bit of sadness, but also satisfaction: I was able to taste the real essence of that federation, the warmth of its population and their friendliness. I came back to my house with the wish to visit them again another time. It happens to be a a great place also when it rains (which it did, unfortunately); trust me, you never get bored.

One Response to “Reinhardt’s Corner: Tor Pendente is fun, really”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Heh, Nicolò really look like Hitler (except hair, of course 🙂 ), but the best picture is the last…Great position, Lunam! Haha!

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