Meeting in Tor Pendente confirmed for the weekend

Lunam: “Meeting will include dinner”

It was made official about at 20.43, Western St.Charlian time: the summit meeting in Tor Pendente will take place. Contrary to the 2010 Expo, most Government officials are expected to attend, including President Cassidy, whose “internet activity” was criticized a few days ago by journalist Patryk A. Bronisz and who later replied with a speech on the official forum.

The guest list is, therefore, the following: President Lisa Cassidy, Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt, Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg, President of Tor Pendente Valentina Marchesi and Ministers James Lunam, Nicolò Alvisi and (maybe) Athlon Strauss. Together with the political class, several other citizens are expected to attend, including non-St.Charlian nationals.

The idea of a summit originally started when Von Sternberg reported to be around Bologna during the week of October 11. At first it was planned to be a meeting only between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Defense; later, when other politicians reported to be available too, the invitation was extended to all available members of the Government and for a period of two days. A dinner was then organized for Friday evening where all invitees will be attending, contrary to Saturday. Indeed, Admiral General Von Sternberg is expected to leave Tor Pendente for Caroline Charlotte on that day, through the Italian “G. Marconi” Airport of Bologna.

On the list of events for Friday, published in Italian on the St.Charlian forum by Minister Lunam there appears to be a meeting in the afternoon between General Von Sternberg, Lunam and Reinhardt, who will arrive in Tor Pendente at around 4PM. The other members of the Government will arrive later. A State dinner will then take place at around 8PM, and hosted by the President of Tor Pendente.

The list of events for Saturday hasn’t yet been published, albeit rumors of a possible gala dinner in the Presidential Palace of Tor Pendente on the evening. More updates might be published tomorrow. “Pictures, however, will be surely taken” added Reinhardt. The Prime Minister will stay at the Department of Foreign Affairs until Sunday morning.

It is obvious that debates are very likely to take place during the summit. The Government is expected to discuss over the current situation in the micronational community, including the Atlantis Civil War, the Organisation of Active Micronations, the proposed idea of a court of justice, the expected reforms on the Departments of Home, Foreign Affairs, Treasury and Defense, and the recent applications of Sandus and Eleytheria to the St.Charlian Commonwealth.

2 Responses to “Meeting in Tor Pendente confirmed for the weekend”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    Have a great time, guys 🙂

    “Pictures, however, will be surely taken”
    I hope so 😛

  2. Nice, Images will be uploaded soon.

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