The Economist: Welcome

Hopefully, a decent read every two weeks or so

Yesterday morning I woke up with a slight headache and an empty stomach. In my early-hours-of-the-day delirium, I stumbled upon a thought that had been generated some time earlier: “I should really write for the Observer!” I thought: why not. And here I am.

For the record, I blame Sunday night for making me go for the rather dull title “The Economist”. That night had officially been occupied by a dinner with SCSP Secretary Magnus de Armis in central London, where we discussed the usual micronational topics: politics, economics and women. The unofficial version is that we were working undercover for the London Metropolitan Police to verify whether a certain pub sold pints and shots to rather youngish-looking sixteen-year-olds without an ID, which they were… Shameful really.

Why am I telling you this? I suppose it’s one of two things, or both rather. Firstly, my immense ego – which I’m sure everyone who knows me is aware of. And secondly, because I had no idea how to start this off, and quite liked Mr. Reinhardt’s introduction to his latest article.

But now to the serious stuff. For all of those who don’t know me, my name is Heinrich Schneider (I sometimes like to be a pompous ass and add “OBS” after my name). I am currently Home Affairs Minister of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie, but served as Secretary of the Treasury back in 2009.  Some of you may know me as SerCenKing (my MW username) and others may know me for being a total dick at times. Rest assured, I’m only a dick to people who really deserve it. So hopefully, none of you guys fall into that category.

This column’s aim is mainly to carve itself a niche in micronational journalism by talking about economics; and much smaller niche by talking about politics.  The former is, at the moment, almost absent in our community. Hopefully, by 2011, I will be able to report on the great deal of economic activities St.Charlie has in store. In the next few months, I figured I’d fill the column by producing monthly interviews of St.Charlian politicians, and eventually foreign micronationalists too. I might also fling in a few pseudo-essays on political stuff that comes to my mind, so stay tuned.

To wrap it up, I hope I’ve in some way sparked your interest and I am looking forward to keep you posted and of course to reading your comments. Best regards, and thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “The Economist: Welcome”
  1. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    It can be really interested corner on Observer 🙂 About alcohol without ID – in Poland that’s not problem 😛 believe me.

  2. rukorannews says:

    It is a pain in England, one of the numerous reasons Rukora was created. Also, good to hear from Heinrich Schneider.

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