Reinhardt’s Corner: the best feeling in the world

Also: how we can stop acting like 6-year olds and share a beer together

I woke up this morning in a friend’s bedroom, with 3 other friends of mine. Nine o’clock, the sound of motorbikes and people shouting can be heard very easily from the third floor. I stand up, my kefiah is still around my neck; I check myself at the mirror and think that after all, I didn’t sleep much last Friday either. Because that’s what we do in here every Friday: during the week we discuss movies, and on Friday night we watch the ones that we believe should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Last week it was “Pulp Fiction”, yesterday it was “Trainspotting”. Next week, it might be “Reservoir dogs”, I still need to convince them.

Anyway, of the seven people we were, there were only three left, including me. The others left between midnight and two, or before we woke up. It rained like hell for the whole night, so we couldn’t even have a walk on the roofs of Parma. Too bad, it shall be for another time. Yeah, needless to say it’s awesome to see a sleeping city with a beer in your hand while talking about politics with your best friend. Give it a go, trust me.

Anyway, I put my shoes on, help Sophia to reach the railway station (she’s going to Cesena to see a concert, lucky her) and end up having a hot dog for breakfast together with Simao, who hosted the evening (he had a hamburger). It’s half past eleven. As I’m about to go back home, I receive a message from Andrea: he’s asking me if I’m doing something this afternoon. I’m in the middle of a busy street in Parma, I slept 5 hours and it’s only Saturday morning. The iPod is playing Gorillaz and I can’t wait to leave the house tonight again. I guess it’s unnecessary to say it was one of the best feelings in the world.

Now, apologies for that but I just needed to explain to all of you why yesterday I left in a hurry. Also, I didn’t know how to start this editorial. I hope you will forgive me!

What do I want to talk about today? Well, a few things took place both on MicroWiki and the community in general: Zurdonia’s editor, Prime Minister Riley, was banned for a year for sockpuppeting, and the Atlantis Civil War is not yet over. Also, i decided not to delete the articles on the Draco Republic and gave them a three-day long “second chance”. I’ll start with the MicroWiki-related issues.

Being an administrator is a terrible job, really, especially on MicroWiki. Some people end up comparing your work to your micronation, there’s always someone who is not satisfied, you don’t want to raise the tone of your voice even when you’re forced to, and in the overall you’re seen as an autocrat with a shit-eating grin. What happened in the last days was obviously not pleasant for all of us, because it ended up in a flame war. The Zurdonia case was the most interesting though.

User “Rsmall1413” was proven by Wikia Staff to have other accounts that he used regularly. As a consequence he was banned for sockpuppeting. Now, nothing stops me from un-banning him and giving him another chance, that is true, however, I would need to ask the MW community which apparently was in favor of the block, and also, he already inserted false information during the UPUC case. I’ll let the community decide.

About the Draco Republic: yes, I know they’ve been trolling around a bit and their article wasn’t really the Tate Gallery, but I followed Kyng’s advice and turned the deletion into an “improvement”. I’m giving Draco 3 days to improve the article, and if nothing changes it’ll be deleted. Inb4 “oh you autocrat”, I’d like to remind you all that deleted things can be restored. If he comes back and wants to work on it, it will be a pleasure to hand him the keys again.

However, as you all are aware, we had another issue in our hands this week: the Atlantis Civil War. My opinion remains the same: I’m in favor of diplomacy between the citizens of Atlantis and against the pathetic “military involvement” of other nations that cannot even fly to Naples. I think there’s no real difference between a document that supports a certain side and military support right now, so let’s just stop this childish story and let the Atlanteans sort it out by themselves. It already happened with the Austenasian Civil War, so please, let’s not have this argument again. As Niels said on his post, we’re not giving a good impression of micronationalism, as the main page is full of news about the war. Micronationalism is not war, in case someone didn’t notice.

Anyway, my advice is very simple: stop the foreign involvement, and have a chat. I myself cannot hide the fact that I haven’t been in good relations with the Holy Salanian Empire, mainly because it’s fight for “moralism”, but I’m trying to discuss with their officials. Creating a peaceful environment, you know.

So that’s what I’m basically advising everyone to do: discuss. Even now that some people are creating new wikis. I’m not saying this because I’m a MW admin, but micronationalism has already a ton of organisations, and a ton of wikis will just divide us even more. I assume you have some issues with my work, then please contact me and tell me about what you think is wrong. I will reply, promised!

Lou Reed – Just a perfect day

5 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: the best feeling in the world”
  1. Premier Riley of Zurdonia says:

    It is Premier Riley not Prime Minister
    Thank you

  2. King Quentin I of Wyvern says:

    Hello! I agree, and I do not have much more to say.

  3. Patryk Adam Bronisz says:

    What a beautiful article 🙂 The begin makes that I read everything with smile on my face!

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