My point of view: Plan of Action

So, I’m sitting here, at my desk, after two weeks of a calming holiday in the Balearic Islands, and I now have one of the most important jobs in the community.

Well, it *was* the most important job. It seems that during my vacation, things happened; unimaginable things, over the space of about a week. There is definitely a lot of explaining to do, and I, in all seriousness, don’t have the time to rush about after people to fix up this mess.

I seem to have found myself in a position I dreamed of having years ago. I wanted to be Chairman of the GUM, an influential and professional organisation that kept normality in the MicroWiki group of nations. But since then, yes, the GUM has been turned into this useless and pathetic sponge that people have abandoned and rejected.

I have a lot to say, to a lot of people, and I have spoken to my citizens in person. They are frankly shocked. Not one of them are exactly “over the moon” with the past events, and guess what, nor am I!

We all know that one of the strongest diplomats in our community and in the GUM, Mr. Robert “Bob” Lethler has been found to be a liar, meddler, schizophrenic and total nutter, but, he has helped lay the foundations of our community. Well done to him and his illogical ways of doing things. Well done. We don’t know who he is, he’s lied about his age, and also, he’s also lied about his name, TWICE. In a conversation on Skype, he confessed his real name was “Cameron”, not “Peter”. I don’t think any of us can believe this man. He is so unhonest, that it baffles me to find that he, probably alone, was responsible for the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia, a nation we were scared of, but now, that nation is a sponge too.

Ah, but there’s more, Sandus, of all nations, decided to hastily escape, just after former Chairman Soergel of the DPRS was elected Chairman of the GUM. Two communist nations just poofed into thin air.

So there leaves me. I am, well I believe I am, Acting Chairman of the GUM, and now there’s support of a merger with the OAM. Now… this is serious business.

In my view, I am 100% not in favour of any straightforward merger. The GUM is an organisation with history, and we still have yet to pass many more resolutions and proposals through the Quorum (not that anyone attends). A lot of us worked for our positions in the GUM. I tried ever so hard to become Vice Chairman, and Mr. Lethler even stopped me from becoming a candidate for Chairmanship, because he believed that this would be unfair on Mr. Tierney, which in all honesty, hasn’t attended many meetings lately, and I, and many others don’t hear from much.

So really, there needs to be negotiation. I’m not letting the GUM go, although it already is a mess. Time is needed to secure a future for us. Give it a month, and we might be able to get back on our feet. I call on Mr. Fish and Mr. Tierney to discuss further action. Also, as AMU Sec. Gen., I may need to call on my Vice Sec. Gen. during this time to handle any problems within that group of nations.

I am happy to call myself a professional diplomat, who values his reputation and image, and I hope that all of you, which ever nation you are from, will understand my role in this. I ask for your patience, and your time, otherwise nothing will be done.

I wish you all the best for the summer, and to my people, a prosperous new government term in September.

Thank you.

4 Responses to “My point of view: Plan of Action”
  1. Robert Lethler says:

    Schizophrenia is a serious, often degenerative medical condition from which millions suffer. To say one exhibits schizophrenicesque behaviour is one thing – to equate schizophrenia to being a “total nutter” is entirely another. Given that I personally know around five people who suffer from some form of schizoaffective disorder, and I am guessing you know *none*, I can safely testify to the fact that your diagnosis – and your implication that schizophrenics are “total nutters” – is absurd. Close-minded, intolerant people like yourself make me feel physically sick.

    If you had read the interview I granted to Mister Danforth, which it seems you haven’t, you would be fully aware of the reasons for this deception, and of how my identity was confused by Mister Fish and his confederates in their investigation. For the record, I did not give you permission to disclose my name publicly – precisely why it was censored in the chat log of the interview. Go and read the interview and you will see most of what you have said is erroneous – I have not lied about most of the things you claim I have. Much of the Lethler persona was based upon myself.

  2. James Puchowski/ Landashir'n Government says:

    If you do not want to stay in a community with people like myself, then I suggest you leave us alone.

  3. Robert Lethler says:

    I am leaving – I am waiting for the final report from the OAM, hanging around to answer lingering questions, and then I am gone.

    • Philip Fish says:

      Then you wait in vain. No OAM report is planned or sanctioned, and if someone else is using the OAM as a platform for whatever without The Council’s approval, I shall come down hard on them.

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