Justice says referendum’s invalid; St.Charlie stays

Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi has declared that the referendum proposed by Barbara Ruvolo and Annabelle Pincer “cannot be validated”, mainly because of the problems that have risen from the 2010 Expo and the absence of a proper regulation of referendums.

Due to the sudden visit to Caroline Charlotte of Prime Minister Reinhardt, and the recorded absence of several Assembly members, the federation of Tor Pendente couldn’t be reached in any way, while New Ridgeway didn’t even send back results of the referendum, although having been contacted in the last days of July. “A reasonable part of the St.Charlian population was therefore unable to participate” said the Minister in an official address of the Department of Justice.

“A good number of citizens participated in the referendum -said later Reinhardt- but Alvisi is right: it was all done very quickly, and due to the Expo, it was kind of a mess”. Nothing was said regarding a possible second referendum, although both Government and Opposition seem to now agree that St.Charlie should remain in the Grand Unified Micronational, “in case some help with the OAM is needed”. “James Puchowski is the only, true leader of the organisation now, with no mysterious shadow harassing him” said Reinhardt smiling.

“The Department of Justice will ensure to create inside our Republic, proper regulations for a valid referendum process. Still, at the moment it’s impossible to validate for various reasons the current referendum” concluded Minister Alvisi.


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