GUM Referendum to be validated by Supreme Court, doubts arise

The St.Charlians have decided to leave the Grand Unified Micronational. As a possible consequence of the recent events that saw the GUM “abandoned” by most of its member states, more than 66% of the citizens who participated in the referendum answered “Yes” to the question “Do you think the Federal Republic of St.Charlie should leave the Grand Unified Micronational?”.

The decision, however, still has to be validated by the St.Charlian Supreme Court, chaired by Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi, who will judge whether or not the Federal Republic should withdraw its membership. Barbara Ruvolo, President and Mayor of the Federation of District, who together with Governor of Royal Beresford Annabelle Pincer has started the debate, has said to be “satisfied of the result” and added, with a smile: “I’m still waiting for Mr. Lethler’s apology regarding his comments, whatever his name is”.

The referendum, however, has originated several doubts regarding whether St.Charlie should wait, particularly for current acting Chairman James Puchowski to come back from holidays, or leave the “spent organisation”, as labelled by several micronationalists in the OAM Forum as soon as possible. “We’re currently discussing whether or not our presence as member states, instead of just OAM helpers, could facilitate everything. We’re still founding members of the GUM after all” said Alexander Reinhardt, who later added: “Whatever the decision of the Supreme Court will be, Puchowski knows how the handle the issue, and I’m sure he’ll do a very good job”.

Since the unofficial “collapse” of the Grand Unified Micronational, members of the Organisation of Active Micronations have proposed to “adopt” active members of the GUM. Plans, however, are still afoot.

2 Responses to “GUM Referendum to be validated by Supreme Court, doubts arise”
  1. Robert Lethler says:

    You don’t ask, you don’t get. 🙂

  2. “In conclusion, we do not even take into consideration the idea of an apology, and on the other hand, we request one from Mr. Lehler himself, who has lapsed into pure and gratuitous slander (such as “cronies” and “autocratic”) against the St.Charlian Prime Minister and therefore against our whole people.”

    That’s from the joint address, July 27 😛

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