GUM Elections: District and Royal Beresford ask for referendum

Barbara Ruvolo, President of District, along with Annabelle Pincer, Governor of Royal Beresford, have this morning demanded a one-week national referendum questioning St.Charlie’s membership of the Grand Unified Micronational, in response to the “unacceptable and illegitimate GUM election process”.

The President and the Governor have in particular protested against the “failure to give notice of the second ballot”, the “inexplicable decision” to annul previous votes, the “extremely short length of the second ballot” and the presence of various unconfirmed private ballots. Governor Pincer expressed her disbelief by commenting: “It’s absolutely unacceptable that in a serious election of a widely recognized and esteemed intermicronational institution it is possible to cast votes while hiding behind a shroud of anonymity. Furthermore, it is also unacceptable that the St.Charlian Prime Minister or any other member of the Government was not informed of the second ballot in any way, effectively impeding St.Charlie to take part in the election. It is simply unacceptable.”

The St.Charlian Parliament and Government have given authorization for the referendum to take place. The action was also supported by Prime Minister Reinhardt, Home Affairs Minister Schneider and President of the General Assembly De Armis who are currently attending the Expo 2010 in District. Voting will commence tomorrow and will end on August 3rd; final results will have to be validated by the St.Charlian Supreme Court.

4 Responses to “GUM Elections: District and Royal Beresford ask for referendum”
  1. Robert Lethler says:

    I speak personally in this statement. Let that be abundantly clear. I do not have the authority to represent any nation or institution other than my own party.

    This is utter nonsense. Saint Charlie’s vote was counted on the second ballot – this is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by the Saint Charlian Prime Minister and his cronies to bring down the GUM after *his* preferred candidate lost the election. The wiki page is used to collect votes and publicise the results; as Mister Reinhardt does know, but is pretending not to know, there are two kinds of votes when we proceed to a second ballot: Confirmed (the ones which are added to the Wiki and are also recorded in the Chairman’s log) and Provisional (votes which are not publicised but are recorded by the Chairman).

    Provisional votes are those transferred over from the First to the Second Ballot, without the nation in question verifying that they intend to carry their vote over. They are not published for the simple reason that their government has not done anything to verify the vote; for this reason, they do not get published incase that government wishes to change their vote. However, when the Chairman is determining the outcome of the second ballot, he counts both Confirmed and Provisional votes. This was the final distribution of votes:

    James Puchowski
    Democratic Duchy of Francisville
    Empire of Austenasia
    —–> Federal Republic of St.Charlie <—–
    Total: 4 (2 Provisional)

    Guillaume Soergel
    Private Ballot
    Private Ballot
    Private Ballot
    Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia
    Total: 5 (0 Provisional)

    Mister Seorgel clearly commanded a majority on the second ballot after provisional votes were counted; for this reason, I determined as Chairman that there was no reason to proceed to a nominating convention. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to seek out the Saint Charlian delegation to get their vote confirmed – because your government did *not* notify me officially that your delegate would be absent on holiday, and did not provide me with alternative contact details. If I were to contact the government e-mail, the Junior Undersecretary for Agriculture could quite easily have sent instructions for your vote to be recorded in a specific fashion. Had an alternate delegate been designated, he or she would have been notifed – Mister Reinhardt knows full well this is how the GUM works. Even so, the ballots were counted; had they been tied, we would have proceeded to a nominating convention. Remarkably, seven nations were able to vote, six of these confirming their existing votes – the government knew that an election was underway, and failed to check the balloting location. I am experiencing technical problems with my e-mail as many know (which caused some election disruption on the first ballot), and so could not notify anyone; the Vice-Chairman was absent. Notifying you was not as important a priority as notifying other members who had not voted, because we had your provisional vote. The only vote that could not be transferred was the Landashir'n vote, which could have been cast for James Puchowski (nations may not vote for themselves, but may vote for their own candidates), but it would have been illegal for me to cast the Landashir'n vote on their behalf – it is entirely possible Mister Puchowski may have opted to vote for Mister Soergel, in which case, I would have committed a crime by casting it for himself. In the past, candidates for the office of Chairman have voted for their opponents, even when it has been a contributing factor to their defeat.

    This story, written by your own Prime Minister, is utter nonsense. I remind you that thirteen days ago Alexander Reinhardt voted in the Organisation of Active Micronations to condemn the then Chairman of the GUM, myself, as a kind of micronational terrorist (Resolution 75; Failed Resolutions).

    All three of the private ballots cast were received, verified and CONFIRMED by me. As Mister Reinhardt also knows, it is ILLEGAL for me to reveal the identity of those who cast these ballots to individual nations. Does the Saint Charlian government expose the identity of citizens who cast private ballots in its elections? If so, I fear disaster is coming at the next legislative election. Never before has my integrity been questioned, and in all three elections I have presided over, Saint Charlie is the *only* nation to accuse me of creating false private ballots. Furthermore, they have NEVER before questioned the existence of private ballots, which have existed in EVERY election since my first term – I find it most bizarre that, suddenly, the government is concerned about private ballots. All three private ballots can be disclosed to the Supreme Judge upon his request, who can verify with each nation that they were infact cast, but he can *not* disclose them to anyone else. Private ballots exist to allow nations to cast a vote without feeling pressured into supporting an ally they would rather not.

    This story, and action, is an insult to the GUM, to myself – for it accuses ME of fraud, a VERY serious allegation – and to the very principles of democracy. Mister Reinhardt should be ashamed of himself; he knows how the GUM works, and he seems bitter that his candidate has lost. Perhaps if Saint Charlie had taken the time to get *in contact* with us, this would not have happened – but of course, it seems to me personally like this has been very intentional on the part of the new Vice-Secretary General of the OAM, an organisation which has recently rejected an offer of greater cooperation from the GUM. I for one am *demanding* an immediate apology from Alexander Reinhardt and the Saint Charlian government for this most serious accusation.

    I find this article derogatory and insulting to my person. I encourage the Saint Charlian people to see through the deceit of their Prime Minister, and to reject entirely this dispicable action. The Observer has always been considered a fantastic news source – this article, tragically, shows that part of it remains a State mouthpiece for an autocratic Prime Minister. This article is entirely unbalanced, completely biased and totally beneath of the high-quality standard of reporting set by Nick Maggiore.

  2. Lyam Desmet says:

    Almost a year I follow the events on microwiki on the background, i’m not active but I see everything 🙂
    About the who GUM-election, I don’t have an opinion and it dont interresting me who have right. But your answer is so ironic that I must react (dont take it personal):
    “The Observer has always been considered a fantastic news source – this article, tragically, shows that part of it remains a State mouthpiece for an autocratic Prime Minister.” Since when do you consider the observer as a fantastic news source, I know a lot of articles of the observer that were a thorn in your eye (freedom of press) 🙂
    but i don’t think the st. charlians would believe your message, in Erusia there are rumours that you’re be accused of corruption? the news spreads. Don’t worry, for me you’re innocent untill they have prove 🙂 but your credibility is greatly diminished,the best example is this: “This story, written by your own Prime Minister, is utter nonsense. I remind you that thirteen days ago Alexander Reinhardt voted in the Organisation of Active Micronations to condemn the then Chairman of the GUM, myself, as a kind of micronational terrorist”, not suprising as many micronations considered your formal party as a ‘terrorist organisation’ since they start a civil war (I don’t accuse you for this war, I don’t make the same mistake as A1):)…

    What you both need is a good conversation, restore your credibility and so I have a beautiful article for the Gazet of Giddis 🙂

    succes, Lyam

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