Expo 2010: describing District in a few pictures

Only 4 days left to the opening of the St.Charlie Expo 2010, described by residents as “maybe the most interesting event since the November Revolution”, as nothing was declared about an eventual 2011 Expo, and if it will take place. Nevertheless I decided this morning to get my camera and take a few shots – make a photo reportage of this fantastic city, that with his recent high temperatures and beautiful weather, is pushing a lot of St.Charlian citizens to visit the Sports Center and its swimming pool.

Oh, and remember to click on the pictures for a larger resolution!

Picture 1: A shop on Revolution Square, in Branson.

Picture 2: A waste bin in District. The caption says: “Federation of District – Waste disposal”. The federation has been recycling since November 2009, when Barbara Ruvolo was nominated President.

Picture 3: A ladder of the swimming pool at the District Sports Centre. Since the beginning of summer, the facility was visited by many St.Charlian and non-St.Charlian citizens. State dinners of the 2010 Expo will be hosted there.

Picture 4: A closeup of the two stars composed by tesserae that can be found inside the swimming pool. The design of the pool was made by the former King of St.Charlie, Patrizio Ruvolo. He was also the architect of the Presidential Palace (formerly the Royal Palace).

Picture 5: A lamppost in downtown District. The capital city is the first federation of St.Charlie that switched completely to energy-saving eco-friendly light bulbs. The next federation that is expected to ban incandescent lamps is Caroline Charlotte.

Picture 6: Viale 23 Novembre 2008 (or November 23, 2008 Blvd) as seen from Downtown District. The street is the main boulevard of the federation, and was built in the beginning of 2001. It goes all through the three boroughs.

Picture 7:  The main veranda of the Sapphire Hotel.. or at least a close up of the first step. The organizers of the Expo 2010 have decided to keep the Sapphire a secret until the start of the exposition. The building, which was formerly used as the Headquarters of the Armed Forces, has been going through a major refurbishment program since the first days of July. Works will end on the 21st.

Picture 8: The entrance of the Presidential Gardens, in Branson. A ceremony for the second signing of the Aberystwyth Agreement is expected to take place in the Gardens during the Expo, as both leaders of the Majority and Opposition will be visiting.

Now, concluding, what can I say? The Expo is starting very soon, and I’m sure it will be an amazing experience. A lot of pictures will be taken, so don’t worry: although foreigners weren’t invited, it will be like if you were there with us!

4 Responses to “Expo 2010: describing District in a few pictures”
  1. Wow, those are fantastic images! When do your package holidays start running? xD

  2. James Puchowski/ Landashir'n Government says:

    Ditto! So want to go…

  3. Guillaume Soergel says:

    Wonderful photos! I agree, I want to visit some time!

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