BREAKING: Foreign Affairs places diplomatic embargo on Erusia

In the interests of security for the St.Charlian borders, the Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement this morning proclaiming restrictions against the People’s National Liberation Army, who has “legally” taken control of Erusia through the Proletarian Protection Act 2009. The movement was later condemned by the Erusian justice system and the legitimate Government lead by Katrina Walters, thus plunging the nation into civil war.

Following the internal crisis in the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia caused by the “legal” coup d’ etat carried out by the People’s National Liberation Army against the democratically elected government, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, in accordance with the St.Charlian Constitution, as a representative of St.Charlie abroad and in intermicronational politics, strongly condenms the erusian coup, supporting the legitimate Democratic government.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has also decided to impose a diplomatic embargo on the DPRE until the rightful government is placed back into power and will therefore freeze all relations with Erusia, in the hope that the rebels conform to the requests of the Erusian government and of the intermicronational community to laid down their weapons.

H.E James Matthias Lunam OBS
First Ambassador of St.Charlie


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