Operation Luxemburg: maybe it’s just me…

… but isn’t something missing?

(I’ll be short today, as I have to pack up for a trip which will see me absent for about 2 weeks. California, here I come!)

Waking up to a military rule in Erusia gives you always a strange impression. Don’t you just hate it when you’re making yourself a toast, and suddenly a soldier of the Erusian army jumps inside your house and tells you that you’re now under a “legal dictatorship”? Man, I’d be pretty annoyed if I was an Erusian.

Let’s be serious for once, I have nothing to say other than the obvious fact that I agree in toto with what Reinhardt said on the official statement regarding this “Operation Luxemburg” and I hope that the Democratic government (yes, the elected one) will go back to power as soon as possible. I don’t know how much should the NUP be blamed, but yet, it’s not my job to decide it.

Now, before writing this article, like (I think) all of you, I gave a look at what was said before. I saw the articles on the ECN and by Nemkhavia, A1, Landashir – everyone basically. Then I watched the video recorded by Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Will Soergel. Needles too say I found it slightly weird: for what Will says, he should support the Democrats, and not the Army. I also didn’t get why, from what he says, and after him, only the National Unity Party and the Army are able to save Socialism. The Democrats were in power for only 10 days. How can you know if they’re a threat to Socialism in only ten days?

My main concern however is not what people said about the military coup, but how this coup was declenched. If I’m not wrong, on the letter that Lethler wrote on January 17 about the Operation, I read that “Luxemburg” cannot be started automatically by the Army, which means that it needs someone to give them the authorization.

So my question is: aren’t we missing something? Who started the Operation?

Some of you will probably stand up and say it was “Bob” Lethler, but Bob Lethler received an arrest warrant by the Army itself yesterday (yes,  it could be staged, but there’s no proof of that, to be fair). I’m hoping that no one here will blame the Democrats, as not even the most stupid government on Earth would do such actions to defeat the Opposition. So who is the master of the operation? We’ll probably know in the next days. For now, I’m only hoping to see the elected Government back.


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