BREAKING: L’Aquila demonstrators clash with police – Alert in District

Protesters from Italy’s city of L’Aquila,  hit by a powerful quake last year in April 2009, have clashed with the police in Rome. The protesters are demanding quicker reconstruction of the city and support for the people living in the damaged regions. The residents of the region claim they are getting no support now. The police resorted to violence when the demonstrators tried to reach the residence or Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, in Rome.

The protest by some 5,000 people paralysed the centre of the capital and was a big shock for Berlusconi, who has apparently recovered only a small part of the region hit by the quake, leaving a lot of people inside tents and hotels.

With one demonstrator injured for no actual reason given by the Italian Government during the clashes, the Police, Army and Border Troops of District have been put on alert by President Lisa Cassidy and Commanders of the Army and Border Troops Colonel Alessio Giovanrosa and Maj. General Roberto Sanchez.  On behalf of President Cassidy, Alexander Reinhardt stated that “the decision was taken in order to be prepared in case things get worse. Our support goes to the protesters that are rightfully expressing their points to a Government that forgot them”.

The quake, that received media coverage also by the St.Charlian Observer last year, killed about 300 and left thousands homeless.

One Response to “BREAKING: L’Aquila demonstrators clash with police – Alert in District”
  1. Heinrich Schneider OBS says:

    District Police Department, of the St.Charlian Federal Police, has also been put on alert by Commissioner Schneider (xD) and has been issued riot gear. Several ISOD operatives have been dispatched to District and Rome to carry out reconnaissance and undercover information gathering.

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