The end of the “Erusian dream”?

New government promises change, and the people are with them…

Erusia… the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia… when you take a glance at MicroWiki, the first Communist state you end up thinking of is Erusia. The largest Communist state of MicroWiki? Erusia. The most active Communist party of the community is in..? Erusia. The best toga parties are organzed by..? the Erusian National Communist Party, exactly.

Nevertheless, from yesterday, things have changed.

For the better? For the worse? I don’t care, it’s not my job to decide whether the Democratic win is a good or a bad thing for the future of the DPRE but one thing is certain: things are changing, and will change. Let’s analyse what is going on in the Democratic People’s Republic: yesterday night, after 2 years of Communist rule, the Democrats, through the will of the Erusian people (and as Mr. Meehan said, we don’t have to forget this) gained 13 out of 20 seats, leaving the remaining seven seats to the National Unity Party, a political party formed by the ENCP and the Party of Socialist Labour, that got together in order to get as much seats possible (we must not forget that the opinion polls already saw a terrible loss for the far-Left). It seems that in the days before the elections, Communist officials have tried to destroy sensible documents in order not to put them in the hands of the new Government, which makes me imagine that they already expected a downfall.

Yesterday, I came back from a three-day visit to my grandparents, and realised what was going on only after checking the last articles of the ECN and several articles written by the nation of Sandus. I also read the speech made by the newly-elected Prime Minister of Erusia,  Katrina Walters and, if I may be blunt… I found it spectacular and frightening at the same moment.

Why frightening? Because it was not only a speech, but an outburst. A sudden and violent expression of emotions, the feeling that now she can say whatever she wants; she’s Katrina Walters, the new Prime Minister of Erusia. Frightening, because she said what she was really concious of, things that were seemingly impossible to say in public until a few months ago: she and the Erusian people kicked out the Communists, the “walking disaster”,  “out onto the streets where they belong”.

Why spectacular? Because she’s not afraid of what she said to the crowd. Spectacular, because she treated the former politicians as dictators and made fun of Sandus’ accusations, and the crowd was with her; the crowd agreed with every single word that she said.

Some of you, maybe those who liked the former NUP Government, might probably complain, and say that I’m not being neutral, but believe me, I am. I am not praising the Democrats, but the way in which the people reacted to their victory. The are no ways to describe the strength and harshness of the words used in intervention in Sacria, comparing the Communists to racoons; those could have been booed very easily, but on the contrary, Prime Minister Walters was praised heavily by the population. Sacria surely doesn’t represent all the other regions of Erusia, but it’s still an uncommon response for a country that has been voting Communist since November 2008.

And that is why I referred to the “Erusian dream” on the title of this article. Erusia has always been, certainly until a few days ago, THE Communist micronation par excellence of our community, always helping the intermicronational Left sphere and fighting against the Conservatives when possible. With a Democratic government ready to change completely the politics of the Democratic People’s Republic, from civil rights to the Army, will the “dream” come to an end? Will the Democrats change successfully Erusia? Or will they lead the country to breakdown?

We’ll be able to have a say about it in six months. For now, I wish Miss Walters good luck.

2 Responses to “The end of the “Erusian dream”?”
  1. I can only say from the latest developments that I hope that this event will hail a new era of peaceful co-existence between right and left. I don’t think anybody would welcome a continuation of the tensions between the ICA & a few left micronations, such as Sandus, and others.

  2. Oh and also, the fall of one Communist government does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, the Communism and Left-wing micronations are finished, or even compromised. True, Erusia was a prominent bastion of the MicroWiki Communist community, but we are by no means fatally weakened.

    Micronations that have publicly and very openly rejoiced at this perceived setback will be bitterly disappointed – MicroWiki micronational Communism is still alive and kicking.

    Also, a minor factual error: A1 is the largest Communist micronation on MicroWiki. Erusia stands at 63 citizens, A1 has 73.

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