Reinhardt’s Corner: Where are the Conservatives?

Apparently I’m the only one who’s not part of the ICA

I’ve been observing what has been going on in our community since the beginning of the Sandus-ICA “word war” as I like to call it, since what we’ve really seen were generally people shouting at each other about their foreign policies, and most importantly, about the concreteness of their ideologies. Now, when the matter between the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance and Sandus terminated, while some of us believed it would have continued in other ways, others just thought that everything was finally over. I was part of the latter group, enjoying how the community was peaceful again while sitting back on my chair and taking a sip of some very cold beverage (it unfortunately happens to be very hot here in Parma right now). However, as I noticed later, I was wrong.

The general “ambiance” (God, I love French) following the Sandus-ICA case was very tight, with people still considering the fact that while we needed to go back to a peaceful environment, someone was wrong and needed to be corrected. The situation was worsened by the arrest of the 4 Erusian “Conservatives” and by the publishing of On the Deficits of Communism in Micronational Economy by Charles I of the Empire of Eleytheria

I was able to observe these events carefully and in detail: about the arrests, there was a discussion between Robert Lethler and Bradley of Dullahan in the OAM forum, while about Charle’s statement, we could all read what he wrote, and how the others replied (particularly Lethler, who wrote a very interesting document, if not amusing, due to the fact he treated Charles like an animal). Of course I will not comment about Charles’ statement (although I found it rather “empty”, culturally and ideologically speaking) since Schneider already did so, and I fully agree with what he said.

It was however when I thought of both these two cases that I realized something very important: the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance does not exist, or at least, is not what it says to be. It is, rather, a club.

Now, I am not saying this because I just feel like attacking the ICA for no reason, but because, being the NPSC a Liberal Conservative party, and also a party that was invited to join the Alliance, I don’t, and I can’t, believe that the ICA is the only existing alliance of Conservative parties in this community.

Let’s analyze it carefully: the current main aim of the ICA is to fight Communism and Socialism and encourage all micronations to adopt a Conservative policy. This is exactly what conservative parties shouldn’t do, everywhere, not even in the Barbados.

Our community is full of left-wing parties, and they work even well, so why fighting against them? Who would be so stupid to engage in a political war against another, “foreign”, political party, just because he thinks that “Socialism is wrong”. People, I would like to remind you that this is micronationalism, and while political ideologies might count, it counts more what you do, whether you’re a Communist or a Liberal. The Department of the Treasury of St.Charlie did indeed adopt a very “Socialist” way of thinking last year, yet it was the sole model that could be adapted to a micronational democracy like ours, and as far as I can see, it even worked well.

Now, why did I say that the ICA is more like a “club” than an “organisation”? The ICA never went on some serious conversation about the “protection of the Conservative ideology”, as I would call it. For instance, now that Charles I was “attacked” by the biggest supporters of Socialism and Communism of our community, did the ICA do something about it? Did the current Chair, Parker I of Secundomia, say something to protect an ICA member state (such as Eleytheria, of which Charles is member of) ? No, at all.

That’s why I believe that until a serious leadership is found, the ICA will remain nothing than a simple group of people that hate Communism, instead of appreciating Conservatism, which are two different things. If the only right-wing supporters of our community are just liberal-haters, where are the real Conservatives?

Of course, I would be more than glad to hear your point of view through the “Comments” section.

13 Responses to “Reinhardt’s Corner: Where are the Conservatives?”
  1. Parker I says:

    I don’t beleive that Charles I was attacked by Socialists. I beleive that discussion was more of a discussion about the opposing ideologies, and neither side was attacking the others.

  2. William Danforth says:

    Greetings, you will probably not know me, I shall briefly introduce myself. I am William Danforth, a spokesman for Eleytheria.

    Dear Parker I,

    I must solemnly state that I disagree with you. I quote:

    “I have a certain degree of admiration for Mister Hendersley’s writing style – his painful lack of knowledge and experience aside, he certainly presents himself as an intellectual, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is a highly intelligent person – albeit one who seems to be lacking in political common sense, with respect to him.”

    This isn’t addressing His Majesty in a respectful and diplomatic manner, it is a posh way of saying, “Oh my God, how retarded are you?!” There is a difference between saying “While Charles lacks experience in our community […]” or similar, as the gentlemen Meehan and Schneider put it. There are two ways of making a statement: A personal attack, or a polite statement. In this case, we can see a fine example of the former.

    However, since we are new to this community, we didn’t expect much support in the first place. It would of course be nice to receive some help in the argument, especially since we are all in the stress of very important exams at the moment (GCSEs, to be exact) and especially Secundomia offered their support but didn’t deliver any yet. However we can understand that this time of year can be difficult for all of us and there is a life outside micronationalism as well.

    In short, we don’t mind getting no support, but we’d much prefer getting some.


    TH&N William Danforth.

  3. William Danforth says:

    Sorry, I ended the blockquote to late, my mistake.

    • Replying to your statement: how can “His Majesty” expect respectful comments if he, while comparing it to Fascism, calls Communism “Same Shit, Different Ideology”?

      If you didn’t expect any support, then you could have informed yourselves, get some concrete facts, study the environment, use a critical spirit, instead of just criticizing an ideology while stating that revolutionary ideals are a “related nonsense”.

      You criticize Lethler’s statement, but as of now, “His Majesty” indeed lacks of knowledge, experience, and political common sense. For instance, he’s part of the ICA. 😛

  4. James Puchowski/ Landashir'n Government says:

    We all know that this fear against communism has already happened in the real world. Remember the Cold War? We really shouldn’t be worried about nations if they just want to live in a nation founded on the principles of liberating those under oppression of richer and more influential people. Of course, do this with precaution. I cannot see how nations like Sandus, A1 or Erusia are threats to our community at the moment. They don’t have nuclear weapons, and they do not make every citizen work in forced labour; as far as I’m aware. We all know that any ideology has its disadvantages, and I’ve never been a fan of right wing politics. Although conservatism can produce good economies and a stable government, the society in which this ideology is worked is incredibly unfair. Many will argue that to be rich and prosperous, you need to work for it; but most of the time, many are stuck in work and have a poor quality of live. Conservatives are usually against gay rights, seperation of church from state and mutual co-operation with other nations and organisations. All the countries of the world, especially my home country the United Kingdom have to wake up and realise that these days, the media cannot control the people, and you can’t sell your ideas to people. Also, no country can run by itself. The UK for example, NEEDS the European Union; they need to learn how to cooperate with others and understand and accept other cultures and creeds. Sometimes, I just find that Conservatives are completely autistic to new forms of government, ways of legislature and foreign people.

  5. While I agree that the ICA has not been acting very supportive, I must say that I do not think this article is improving the situation at all. Just hours ago, I talked to Bradley and we said ‘well, this situation is finally over’.

  6. William Danforth says:

    Dear Mr. Reinhardt,

    Criticizing a person and criticizing an ideology are two very different things. If Lethler had called capitalism an amusingly idiotic ideology, we would have had no problems with that really. Nor did Charles directly criticize any person or even just any micronation.

    None of the Communist replies seem to manage to do the same thing. Even Mr Meehan’s and Mr Schneider’s replies contain some personal attacks on either Charles or Eleytheria. Read Charles I original essay 200 times, and you will still not find any mention of Erusia, Nemkhavia, Mr. Lethler, or Mr. Meehan.

    This is what angers me in particular, and, not speaking for Eleytheria or Charles but rather speaking my own opinion, the apparent inability for micronational communists not to insult people not exactly boasts the communist leaders’ intelligence. It does quite the opposite, it proves that they are incapable of diplomatic conversation.

    Yours sincerely,

    William Danforth

  7. William Danforth says:

    I would like to quickly add that we do not intend to eradicate communism in the community or even fear it. We just find it an ineffective system, that’s all. The essay that was written was not supposed to convince communist nations of becoming capitalist, it was there to delineate the disadvantages of communism.


    W. Danforth

    • Obviously “His Majesty” didn’t criticize anyone. Who would publically condemn a micronation on the grounds of its political ideology?

      You are angered by the “personal attacks” on “His Majesty”. Well, think about this first: you’re chilling one day in your office, and suddenly someone who comes out of nowhere says your work is worthless because your ideology doesn’t work. Every normal guy would simply send him back a reply saying he’s an idiot, don’t you think?

      About your second comment: that is exactly the problem. “His Majesty” wrote a document criticizing an ideology in the micronational world without even knowing of what he was talking about. This is why the flame started. it’s not about being a Communist, a Socialist, a Fascist, or a Nazi. It’s about knowing what you’re talking about, and in this case, I don’t know if “His Majesty” really did.

      • William Danforth says:

        But that’s the punctum saliens: His Majesty never said that anybody’s work is worthless. If every time that a paper on, say, quantum physics is published, the people who support the opposing theory would call the team who did the research idiots, where would quantum physics end up? A bunch of 50-year-olds in labcoats screaming at each other might be hilarious to look at but they don’t ensure any progress.

  8. Robert Lethler says:

    It does rather seem that like many of their ilk, when these conservatives feel they have been rather resoundingly defeated in a debate, they feel compelled to resort to demeaning the other side in the discussion rather than attempting to formulate any kind of response of their own.

    I made it explicitly clear in my statement that I believe Charles to be, for his age, “a highly intelligent person”. You have chosen, quite selectively, to ignore this comment completely to further your own purposes Master Danforth – something I find most disgraceful and unbecoming of a man who pontificates on the subject of diplomatic conversation, especially when his own nation has absolutely disregarded diplomatic protocol by producing, sponsoring and defending what has been widely interpreted as a disgusting attack on some of this community’s most respect members. A number of nations have all ready resoundingly rejected the legitimacy of your government, as my Right Honourable friend the Prime Minister appears to by his use of quotation marks, and I think you will find your ears fall on deaf ears among the mainstream members of our community.

    Nonetheless, throughout my piece, my criticism – as is made evident by my profound tone of disappointment – is entirely contextual and not personal. I meant at no point to attack Master Hendersley as a person, but rather the work he had produced, as I noted by stating that I firmly believe Hendersley is a highly intelligent person for his age. If any offence has been taken by any part, I do most sincerely apologise to both Master Hendersley and those who have taken offence.

  9. We did actually start to formulate a response, but then we got sidetracked by you accusing us of being someone else and having to go to lengths to prove our identities to people who are just actually fooling around with us, so…

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