And St.Charlie creates the Commonwealth

Beginning of a new era or just a useless joke?

Before starting the article, I would like to point out that I was somehow ready to publish a reply to Duke Bradley of Dullaham regarding my words against him last night, since those were taken as an offence because of Bradley’s dyslexia, of which I was not aware of. However, following the comments and what I noticed in external sources, I then decided not to publish a retraction of my declarations for the simple reason that the Senator of Dullaham, although being Dutch and dyslexic, somehow uses his deficit as way of victimizing himself in order to gain support in conversations. This can be easily seen on this jolly discussion that everyone can access and read, in where Bradley’s argument simply can’t stand. Therefore, as I said yesterday: “your “BAWWWing” might work with the other leaders, but I already victimize myself so much that I don’t listen to the others’. So please, if you want to post a comment in my newspaper, write something inherent to the article. Thanks.

Now, back on topic, it’s official: on May 23, 2010, the Commonwealth of St.Charlie was founded through the Schneider law on territories. As I read the document, my mind started to travel. And so I imagined myself sitting atop a great horse, resplendent in red tunic, Henri-Martini tucked under my arm, surveying some desolate sun-baked hell-hole we have recently conquered (having first sent in Von Sternberg and Caroline Charlotte to terrify the natives of course).

Seriously, the story is different: although it might seem like the beginning of a wicked St.Charlian “iperialistic era”, I read the law and found out that the name “Commonwealth” is the only word that brings back my thoughts to the British Empire: the law simply makes official all proceedings that turn a piece of land into a territory of the Federal Republic. Schneider divided them in three classifications: “Territory”, “Permanent Territory” and of course, “Federation”. The St.Charlian Commonwealt is just an organization ruled by the President of St.Charlie which aims are to unite all the regions under a single banner.

The law was voted unanimously by the members of the General Assembly and received good reviews from both Government and Opposition. Alexander Reinhardt declared that “this decree helps our nation to form a stable policy on territories and federations, and plus, I love the word Commonwealth”. Magnus de Armis said the law is an “optimal proposal”.

What are the real changes, however? Nothing much, except for more strict regulations on the rights of each federation and territory. The decree also allows, techincally, other micronations to join St.Charlie, without forcedly becoming a Federation.

Nevertheless, from now on all citizens of St.Charlie are now not only citizens of the Federal Republic, but also “Commonwealth citizens”, so, if anyone is wishing to join me for tiffin on the veranda later please RSVP to my char-wallah. Thanks; I’ll be in my office smoking my pipe.

4 Responses to “And St.Charlie creates the Commonwealth”
  1. Bradley says:

    Well i told you i have dyslexia, ive been nice to tell you that so you wont get all those comments: But hey, you go even worse in this one… not realy smart…

    but pls dont tell lies.

  2. Guillaume Soergel says:

    Excuse me, M. Bradley, but I don’t see any lies here. You do have dyslexia – according to yourself, you are Dutch – again, according to yourself – and you did victimize yourself – we all know that.

  3. Nick Maggiore says:

    Ok, I can see it’s impossible to talk with you. Dyslexic or not, you are not open to ANY kind of discussion. From now on, I will just ignore your useless statements about how awful your life is.

    Thanks and goodnight.

  4. Bradley says:

    My life is not awful and im open for discussions i have one with Cajak and with CeeSeeKing(?) so why coulndt we?

    And I did not victimise my self, also i dont understand why i am the only one in the media, i realy dont care as i find it funny but it makes people think i started this.. with i dindt….

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