Eat at Nicks: Carolinians and Conservatives

Its not yet time for the pool party, gentlemen.

The world is unsatisfied.

The world wants another war.

Not the best way to start an editorial, but whatever. I woke up two days ago and discovered with pleasure that the Austenasian Civil War was finally over. I sat back on my chair, still with my pajamas on, and smiled, feeling very relieved, as if my job now as a journalist was over. “No more Austenasian Civil War, no more articles. I am unemployed”, I thought amused. Unfortunately, I was epically wrong.

Of course I will not talk about the Royal Carolinian Order because I just find it rather ridiculous, and I will not talk abut the people that still try to speculate on the Civil War by giving out medals and protesting about who is the real Emperor of Austenasia either (since it was Caroline herself that agreed to renounce to the crown). It’s time to turn the page.

What was I saying? Oh yeah… not very long after the signing of the Treaty of Ruskin Road, I noticed that my job was not yet over: another argument was starting, this time between the Conservatives and the Commies. Yay! Yet Another Cold War, shall we?

Seriously, for those who didn’t follow the story, this is what’s going on: one day, some Conservative parties decided to unite under the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance. Not a problem, except that the ICA’s main intention is to “fight the opposing ideologies of Socialism and Communism“, which of course was not taken with sympathy by one of our “main Commies”, Will Sœrgèl, the leader of Sandus,and how I like to call him, “the husband of Communism”. What he did was to promptly and officially publish its point of view on MicroWiki about the ICA. It is true that Mr. Sœrgèl maybe loves to publish its point of view, even when he is not mentioned, but this time, it was after the ICA condemned him and his ideology, describing him and Sandus as “Pure intolorance! (sic)”. Replies followed, Secundomia joined the fight in favor of the ICA and Sandus promised them to give an official response by today (which is, by the way, a National day in Sandus, so congratulations).

Now, you might ask yourself, who is the creator of the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance and the starter of all this fuss? Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Duke Bradley of Dullaham, Senator of Wyvern and protagonist of the UUS War Attempt and the Austenasian Civil War, both of which forced him to resign as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Wyvern after the immediate protests in the Kingdom against what he did. Leader of the Conservative Party of Wyvern, Bradley is a renowned champion of spelling and grammar, which make him one of the most charismatic leaders of MicroWiki. Check by yourself. His views on Sandus are generally negative, describing its government as “intolorend (sic)”.

But did this little quarrel generate only because of Bradley’s organisation? I must say that, after reviewing what I saw on MicroWiki, that Mr. Sœrgèl is not a saint either. He righfully replied to the attack made by the ICA against him and Sandus, but on the other side, doesn’t seem willing to stop this argument once and for all, trying always to “win the battle” against the Conservatives. Furthermore, while the whole argument is, wrongfully if you allow me to say, based on a “battle of ideologies”, the leader of Sandus continues to reply to the Conservatives because it’s the “will of the Sandum people“, although it is known intermicronationally that the current active population of the DPRS is 1: its founder and leader.

I’d prefer that both Sandus and the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance, particularly Bradley of Dullaham, do something more constructive, like for example harvesting some crops, or playing Monopoly with their family. Our community would be much safer without any more arguments, especially now that the Austenasian Civil War is over, and we have the ways to stop them. But if things do get seriously, I am hoping governments to react quickly on the matter. This is just another of those lame ideological fights that you regularly see on Youtube; there’s no winner, so just ignore your “rival”. Is it that hard to work in a peaceful environment for more than a month?

21 Responses to “Eat at Nicks: Carolinians and Conservatives”
  1. Parker I says:

    Could we please stop making fun of Bradley of Dullahan’s dyslexia? Seriously people.

  2. I don’t think it’s very nice to make fun of his dyslexia. Not only is Dutch his main language, but he has a severe case of dyslexia which makes him spell even the most obvious words wrong.

    I would like to point out that his stance in the Austenasian Civil War did not force him to resign as minister of foreign affairs. Wyvern was not actively involved in the Austenasian Civil War and was even declared neutral throughout the conflict. Bradley was involved in an argument with ‘Dresner’ within the OAM. That is what caused him to lose the first part of the office; I had to take over that position. The other part is true; the UUS War Attempt lead to me taking over the entire office while having to listen to the senate.

    I do agree with the main thought of your article. Both of them should stop this silly argument. I have already posed a question to the government of Sandus and received a response in which they tell us what they think is wrong with our government. I have another message ready, although it has to be approved by senator Ossie of Behemoth.

  3. Nick Maggiore says:

    Well excuse ME if I didn’t know that. And, dyslexic or not, he is still head of the ICA, he still said that Sandus is “intolerant” and all the rest that I wrote, so instead of commenting angered about something that I couldn’t know, please read my articles for what my real intention is. Thanks.

  4. Bradley says:

    ”which make him one of the most charismatic leaders of MicroWiki”

    Thank you. But check your sources better before posting 😉

  5. I have read the article and I agree with the message that you are trying to carry out.

    It is not in anger that I wrote that reply, I tried to be polite, even when I was thinking that you were trying to insult him on purpose. I am sorry if there has been a misunderstanding, but I thought that you knew that Bradley is a dyslectic and tried to make fun of it.

  6. Bradley says:

    Cajak knows it al to well…

  7. Yes I do know it, but I don’t write articles with Nick. He writes his articles.

  8. Bradley says:

    Well he could have known, he links to your talk page.. with has nothing to do with this… but not to far above it whas said that i am Dyslectic.

    • Nick Maggiore says:

      Dude, your “BAWWWing” might work with the other leaders, but I already victimize myself so much that I don’t listen to the others. So please, if you want to post a comment in my newspaper, write something inherent to the article. Thanks.

  9. Correction, there are 8 Sandum citizens. Not a large difference, but still one.

  10. Philip Fish says:


    Even though you say you did not know about Bradley’s dyslexia before you wrote this article, now that you know, I would implore you to issue a retraction of your ad hominem attacks against the Duke, with particular focus on the sarcastic and rude comments regarding his spelling, grammar and charisma.

    Although I do agree with the main points in this article, that is, that another Cold War etc. should be avoided, this was overshadowed, at least for me, by those comments.

  11. lethler says:

    I concur – for once in my career – entirely with Chairman Fish on this matter. I seem to recall a time when the Saint Charlian Observer was a respectable publication praised for the high quality of its journalism. This article was not an exercise in journalism, but rather an exercise in shameless slander – something we had all mistakenly believed the Saint Charlian Observer was above resorting to. Though it raises a number of valid points, the entire content of the article has been overshadowed – and I apologise Mr Fish for echoing his words so directly – by the disgraceful manner in which you have conducted yourself.

    Any self-respecting journalist will tell you that the strongest pieces of work they produce are always those that are well-researched. Given the critical narrative style this article was written in, it is quite clear that Mister Maggiore went to considerable lengths to familiarise himself with the situation. Despite this, the dear Director claims that he could not have known Bradley is dyslexic – and yet, in the exchange he is so bold enough to quote and provide a hyperlink to, the good Senator makes the nature of his condition explicitly clear. There is absolutely no excuse, in this special case, for Mr Maggiore to not have been aware of the Senator’s dyslexia. Had he taken the time to thoroughly research the subject matter he was discussing in his article, Mr Maggiore would have known full well the reason for Senator Bradley’s poor grammar and spelling.

    That point aside, I note now that Mr Maggiore has explicitly stated – in his newest article – that he will NOT publish a retraction of his statements. Whatever pathetic reason he offers for this refusal, it is absolutely unacceptable. To think this is a man who was, only a few days ago, pontificating on the matter of equal rights for homosexuals – it seems that he is not above discriminating against those who suffer from a legitimate disability. As a sufferer of dyspraxia, a specific learning disability closely related to dyslexia that has had negative implications for the development of my own command of the English language, I too take personal offence at the way in which Mr Maggiore has so blatantly attacked Senator Bradley’s disability. Though he and I agree on very few, if any issues, I rather think that the Senator is deserving of our praise for refusing to allow his condition to effect his political career.

    Ultimately, I think what I find most disgusting is the double-standard to which Mr Maggiore adheres. If one takes the time to examine the articles he has written for this newspaper, then one will find a significant number of errors in grammar, syntax and – albeit to a lesser degree – spelling. Indeed, there are several such errors present in this very article. I draw your attention to “I thought amused”, “Yet Another Cold War, shall we?”, “I present you”, “with their family”, “Sandus,and”, “It is true that Mr Sœrgèl maybe” and “this little quarrel generate” as examples of this – pedantic examples, I shall admit, and one’s that would ordinarily be entirely excusable if we were dealing with a reasonable person.

    I would strongly suggest that Mr Maggiore print the retraction that so many wish to see, lest he tarnish the name of this news agency once and for all. Of course, the fact that the good Director elected to begin his response to these statements with “Dude” suggests that his inherent lack of respect for peers makes it highly unlikely he will ever find the moral courage to do the right thing. Rest assured, he all ready finds himself minus one dedicated reader thanks to the appalling manner in which he has handled this situation. In a mere few hundred words, Mr Maggiore has succeeded in destroying the respect I once had for him and his paper. I must applaud him on that record-shattering accomplishment.

    • Nick Maggiore says:

      I might sound unusually polite this time, but I start my reply with the following word: thanks.

      Contrary to others, I like people who criticize my work. Of course, what I’ll say now is likely to sound odd, but accept what I’ll say as true words, and not a way to save my soul from your declaration of disappointment.

      Maybe the Govt. of St. Charlie might publish a statement in the next days, regarding the sudden quarrel between the Federal Republic and Bradley of Dullahan (and not the whole Kingdom of Wyvern), but from my part, I don’t feel like I should apologize to anyone: as I said on this same comment list, I was not aware of his dislexia, and I promtly apologized, but the man kept, as you can see from his recent intervention on MCommons, to show me and two friends of mine as ruthless cannibals that love to make fun of handicapped boys, which is not something I normally do. Apologies must be also earned, I think, and Bradley, in my opinion, does not deserve them, dyslexic or not. I don’t deny that I familiarized with the situation. To be honest, I took this matter in some way personally: I saw two friends of mine being treated like small ants you can play with and then kill.

      Furthermore, I must unfortunately disagree with your attempt of making me look like a bully that promptly protects gays and kicks disabled children in the back. You have to understand, Mr. Lethler, that I do not oppose the Duke of Dullahan because he’s dyslexic, but rather because he USES his dyslexia to “win” over a discussion, and also because of his bigoted beliefs over Islamic people, but that’s another story. When Heinrich Schneider, or SerCenKing on MicroWiki, asked him to write correctly with a proper grammar, obviously unaware of his disorder, Bradley quickly treated him as someone who just offended him, although I didn’t notice Mr. Schneider offending Bradley. You can check that by yourself, even better than me I hope, since I read the entire conversation from the beginning only when this argument started, yesterday afternoon.

      Oh, and about the spelling errors, as you might have noticed, I had to write two articles today, that summed up with my school work makes… a lot. I know that articles should be checked twice, and I’m not looking for compassion either, but unfortunately my teacher doesn’t care if I’m the Director of a micronational newspaper, so I have to stick with the rules. 😀

      However, you must understand Robert, if you allow me to call you like that, that you were also victim of this small trap, and you also ended up thinking that I’m a bastard that loves to laugh at people with disorders, only because of one sentence. Because of that small sentence, you called me a bad journalist. Because of 19 words, you wrote 649 words. Please think about it.

      Now excuse me but I have a history test tomorrow, and I need to revise.

      p.s About me referring to Bradley as “dude”, you have to agree with me that him, me, you, everyone here is a human being. If someone just pisses me off, even in micronationalism, I don’t call him “Your Excellency” or “Sir”. Sorry, but it’s in my blood.

  12. President Peter Bralesford says:

    Hear, hear, Mr Lethler!

  13. Philip Fish says:

    Also for one of the first times, I am inclined to also agree with Mr. Lethler.

    I also had respect for the Observer’s reporting, but after this, I am reluctant to recommend the Observer as the main alternative to the A1NS for our citizens and government members, perhaps instead leaning towards the Egtavian Star.

    I too am frankly disgusted at your conduct [Nick], as you have done little or no research for this article, continue to try to defend the indefensible and try to imply that Duke Bradley is trying to use his unfortunate condition to extract unmerited sympathy from other people.

    I remember when I made a comment about his spelling & grammar on the OAM forum, and he responded politely and to the point, and I promptly apologised. Nothing more was ever heard of it. It escapes me why you could not have done the same, as the Duke was obviously not aggressive from the start. I think that his response on Cajak’s user talk page was due to him being rather tired of explaining it and rather fed up with comments to improve his spelling & grammar, which, in my opinion, is quite understandable. This is no reason to launch into a tirade attacking him as using his dyslexia “to “win” over a discussion”.

    The MGPRA1 is giving Wyvern full diplomatic support in this matter if necessary.

  14. Perhaps he could not have done the same because he felt he was being provoked? I do not believe the reporting of an entire corportation should be overlooked simply because of one report, or one article. And, not only had Nick no prior knowledge of M. Bradley’s dyslexia, but I do not believe he should have the ability to hide behind it- especially when he is a politician. Also, this second Observer Gate, gentlemen, seems to be attacking the Federal Republic, whereas this newspaper – and, essentially, this article – is independent from St.Charlie.

    Please, refrain from “Gating” this one.

  15. Parker I says:

    We are giving Bradley and Wyvern full support in this matter.

  16. Bradley says:

    To make this very clear, I always tell that im Dyslectic because if they make fun of me on a weak point like grammar and spelling they could be attacked on that like what has happend now. I thank Parker and Philip for their support.

    Lets resolve this matter.. well i will enver forgive Sandus for calling us Fascists but we need to resolve this.

  17. Excuse me? I don’t believe I ever called you a fascist, sir, but please prove me wrong. I beg of you to find me where I called you a fascist.

  18. Jacob Tierney says:

    Do we have nothing better to do but argue whether of not Mr. Maggiore could have known about, or did know about, Duke Bradley’s dyslexia? Or whether this is slander? The Observer doesn’t claim to be an impartial top notch news reporter.
    It makes news more fun and usually does a pretty good job.
    I can’t believe you don’t have better things to do.

    Jacob Tierney

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