Reinhardt backs Roosevelt and Marshall on Maggiore-Stewart issue

This evening the Prime Minister of St.Charlie Alexander Reinhardt, after reviewing the reactions in Erusia following Nick Maggiore’s editorial, has declared to the press that “our last intention, as Government, is to see Ms. Stewart losing her occupation”.

“As I indeed said with Foreign Commissioner Lethler last night -Reinhardt said- this is a case that should eventually remain between a politician and a journalist. Ms. Roosevelt explained rightfully that the DPRE got more important things to think about. Well, I can assure her and also the Democratic Party of Erusia, of which Mr. Kiwal is leader of, that we also are now occupied with more important matters.”

Reinhardt later added that “maybe she reacted too seriously to Nick’s editorial, but I still don’t see why she should resign for saying her point of view. Nick wrote the article, she protested, he posted a reply to her declarations; that’s it. I don’t see anything wrong in this nor in her decision to state her point of view through the ECN.”

“Therefore -he concluded- that while the Democrats found inappropriate the way in which Ms. Stewart reacted to Mr. Maggiore’s editorial, I find rather inappropriate and ridiculous the way in which the DPE tried to send Ms. Stewart to the death row. We all have other things to do now, and cases like these should not turn into a political debate. As Nick said, this is not becoming a quarrel.”

This morning the President of the General Assembly, Magnus de Armis, SCSP, has approved the nominations for the Order of the Blue Star of Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, James Puchowski, and Leonard Von Sternberg, who was also awarded the Meritorious Service Cross. Other than knighthoods, the Parliament approved three bills concerning the two official languages of St.Charlie, the Federal Police Department, and the new flag of Caroline Charlotte.


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