Eat at Nicks: If we want to have a quarrel..

.. this will not be the case.

I read with disappointment the official response made by Erusian politician Patricia Stewart about me talking about “Pink May”, the International Day against Homophobia. In her response, published on the Erusia Central News, she claims that I wrote a piece of “nationalistic propaganda”, a “misleading” and “ethnocentric” article.

Well, I laughed at that.

Ms. Stewart maybe forgets that I do NOT work for a political party, nor for the Government, and the article was made to discuss the situation of gay micronationalists in the world. I will not make it a political case, since there isn’t the need to, but I’d just like to point out that I am indeed very happy to see that Erusia was ruled by an openly homosexual President in the past that I even mentioned on my article, but the St.Charlian Observer, as the name says, is a St.Charlian newspaper, and mainly discusses St.Charlian matters. If I did not praise the methods taken by Erusia in support of gays it’s maybe because I do NOT work for the Erusia Central News; do I really have to write a 800 word article about it because the ECN journalists don’t say it on a regular basis? I was planning to do it on an article I expected to release tomorrow afternoon, but now, it would seem like I’m doing you guys a favor. You lost an opportunity.

I must admit that I did not notice that Landashir made the IDaH a national day even before us (and I’m happy to hear that) but claiming also that the article’s main intention was to show it like if St.Charlie founded the IDaH is a bit too much. I am only happy that St.Charlie participates with other Governments (including Quebec) but I would never, ever, say that “my micronation is tougher than yours because it likes gays”. I would say rather than it’s “cooler because it admits and accepts gays”, but thank God, a lot of other micronations do it every time.

And, are we still discussing about Athlon Strauss’ declarations? They did anger me. I did write the article condemning his statements, but remembering Athlon Strauss, again, just as a homophobic bigot, is a bit too much. I’m a journalist: I have the power to observe the meetings of the General Assembly and the Government, on the Official Forum, and Strauss is doing a good job (speaking like a “propaganda agent”, I know, but he’s good at it). And even if Strauss didn’t work a lot, would his appointment turn the whole Government into a homophobic institution? I absolutely disagree with Strauss’ view on gay couples, but it seems that the only politician that still sees him as nothing more than an anti-gay bigot is Ms. Stewart. Please…

Also, I don’t see St.Charlie as the leading fighter against homophobia, but I do see it as one of the major fighters of homophobia. I would like to invite Ms. Stewart to some conversations that me and Mr. Reinhardt regularly have on Facebook about politics, and he does really hate homophobia, living in a country that is under the “control” of the Catholic Church (that being Italy, just to precise it, in case my words are to be taken again as an insult to the “greater micronational community”). I am not making a piece of propaganda, but I think that when someone tries to raise awareness over the issue of homophobia, he or she should be mentioned, and since it’s the Government of the micronation of which I am part of, I think I have more reasons to write about it.

And, concluding, very bad news: the proposal for a “Pink May” was just a way to call the article; nothing else. I am a journalist, not a politician – I don’t see how I could propose an Intermicronational Pink May when May is almost done. If the Democratic People’s Republic, or Ms. Stewart more precisely, want to do so, please do! I will be pleased to support it, agreeing with her that the DPRE has always, staunchly supported same-sex unions since its first months of existance.

Not trying to criticize again Ms. Stewart, but, finishing this matter once and for all, it seems to me that her declarations were just published to “make news”. I received congratulations by former leader of New Scireland, Cameron Falby and by many other micronationalists that contrary to Ms. Stewart, saw my article for what its main intention was: raise awareness on gay rights, and not on St.Charlie.

So now that I replied to the former assistant of Robert Lethler, can we both go back to work?

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