Victory Day broadcasted on Sandus television is “major success”

Channum Unum watched also by citizens of St.Charlie, Landashir and Murrayfield

A military parade involving over 10,000 personnel and 150 tracked and wheeled military vehicles, as well as 127 aircraft overhead, was staged Sunday on Moscow’s Red Square to celebrate Victory Day.

Victory Day marks the final surrender by Nazi Germany to the U.S.S.R. in World War II, often referred to as the Great Patriotic War in Russia and other states in the former Soviet Union.

Moscow’s Military District Commander, Col. Gen. Valery Gerasimov, led the parade which began at 10.00 a.m. (Daily Late News)

The 9th of  May was also largely celebrated in the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus that dedicated all it’s broadcasting to the event. The celebrations started at 3pm, St.Charlian time, when Guillaume Soergèl, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, made an address to the people of the Democratic People’s Republic, and to all the micronational world. “We remember the countless people who gave their lives, those who died in defending their families and homes and those who died defending their community and their country” said Soergèl. Other left-wing micronationalists such as Robert Lethler and Ben Lawson, but also Fabiana Gallo della Loggia and Magnus de Armis were mentioned in the speech, and referred to as “micronational comrades”.

The speech was then followed by the 2010 Victory Day parade, that on its 65th anniversary was judged as the “most impressive parade after the one of 1945”. US, British, Polish and French troops participated alongside the Russian military units in the parade for the first time in history.

The parade was seen by several micronations, including St.Charlie, Murrayfield and Landashir.

Alexander Reinhardt, Prime Minister of St.Charlie, was expected to appear, but couldn’t due to problems while loading his speech to the channel. “An amazing celebration. I was able to notice how Sandus put a lot of efforts in this. Russia might not be Sandus, but a lot of soldiers died during World War II, and Sandus paid homage to them in an excellent and respectable way. Congratulations”, he said after the broadcast.

Premier Puchowski of Landashir said: “This is an opportune time to reflect on the consequences of war. I ask that people celebrate with the survivors of the WWII and that I send my regards especially to the Russian people for their courage and bravery through those tough times”.

“Having watched the broadcast by Sandus, it showed the true consequences of war but also the great sacrifice especially by the Soviet comrades along with British and Americans who gave their lives to defeat Facism and bring peace. -said President Ben Lawson of Murrayfield- May those who died rest in peace and their sacrifice remembered.”

“This celebration was a major success -said Mr. Soergèl after the parade- We remembered – together – those who fell in the Second World War. We celebrated their lives and I thank everyone for remembering them. A wonderful parade, and the former allies of the Second World War remembered the fallen. Glory to them all.” Following the 2010 Parade and interviews to World War II veterans, the 1980 Parade was broadcasted as well.

According to latest studies, the total casualties of the Soviet Union, both soldiers and civilians, were 26.6 million people — of these, an estimated 8,668,400 were soldiers.

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