Lisa Cassidy takes Oath of Office

Ceremony held in Tor Pendente

About ten days after being elected by the General Assembly, Lisa Cassidy has officially assumed her task by promising loyalty to St.Charlie through the presidential Oath of Office.

The ceremony, held in Tor Pendente on May 1, and presided by Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi, President of Tor Pendente Valentina Marchesi, First Ambassador James Lunam and Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt, saw President Cassidy promising to “do justice to all” with her right hand on the St.Charlian Constitution, held by Alvisi. The ceremony took place ad midnight and was watched by the citizens of Tor Pendente. A video of the ceremony was filmed too, and will be aired on the St.Charlie Broadcasting Network in the next days.

Seen as an “historical moment” by the National Party, the ceremony was also praised by former Socialist Movement (now Socialist Party) Vice Secretary and current Minister of Culture Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, who commented the ceremony by stating it is “a great achievement for female politics and for the culture of our micronation”. “After all, it’s our first human head of State” added later.

But is she ready to become President and lead a nation that is going through great economic, political and judicial reformations? Everyone except the eternal rival of Tor Pendente, Caroline Charlotte, is confident of the newly-elected President, and is ready to assist the head of State in case things become too hard. “Lisa Cassidy, like every micronationalist on Earth experienced, is having her so-called first experience in National politics. – said Reinhardt – I believe she is strong enough to lead our country and prevent it from disaster. She might appear very informal, but she is ready to take the job”.

Lisa Cassidy, born and raised Bologna, was elected President with more than 85% of consent from the General Assembly. Officially neutral (with no ties to any St.Charlian political party), she was awarded the Royal Order of Saint Christopher the day after the elections, together with Reinhardt.

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