Eat at Nicks: defining “Justice”

All micronations need a working judicial system. Whether it’s just a constitution, or a complex penal and civil code, all respectable microstates are based on a certain document that shapes it, gives to the micronation a proper structure, and defines what can be, and what cannot be done. In St.Charlie, the judicial system is still (but not for long) formed by the Constitution and a couple of laws. Furthermore, things such as robbery or murder are obviously dealt by macronational agencies, although it’s not written on a piece of paper.

But what happens when justice smells funny, or is “more equal” for some people? It loses its credibility; as an example, what is happening in Italy. Mark my words: I don’t want to sound polemical today, nor I want to create a political scandal, but I’d just like to study with you an example of how Madame Justice can, alas, be kicked in the legs easily.

Probably all of you heard of the outcome the New European Civil War: the Emperor came back, banned fascism, and put on trial those who attempted to take power (known as the Major Fascist Leaders): Johannus Von Ikner, Ryan Lahiff, John Folgore and Vaughn Bullock. The first two were exiled to the United States, while Folgore and Bullock were sentenced to a ban (precisely, 4 years and 1 year). Furthermore, the New European Fascist Party was disbanded.

From left to right: Johannus Von Ikner, Ryan Lahiff, and Vaughn Bullock (Source:MicroWiki)

We all thought that the trial was finally marking the end of fascism in New Europe, but only a few days ago, and after less than six months from the original trial, guess what? In an almost “invisible” move, Von Ikner and Bullock were cleared of all their indictments by the New European Supreme Court and later pardoned by the Emperor; the same Emperor they tried to exile. On the declarations made by Von Ikner (and that never appeared on the trial of the Major Fascist Leaders) it was apparently Lahiff who organized everything and set up the coup, and therefore, his indictments had to be reviewed (“He also wrote a letter to the Emperor stating that even those who overthrew him still supported him but was following Lahiff’s will“).

However, I am not criticizing the fact that Von Ikner and Bullock are free again (though the pardon by the Emperor sounded almost paradoxical). What I found hilarious is that while the ban on the New European Fascist Party is still in effect, the ban on fascism as a political ideology has been lifted by the Supreme Court, which means that, if they want, Von Ikner and Bullock can legally create another fascist party tomorrow morning, and no-one can stop them.

Oddly, in the MicroWiki article about the New European Trial of the Major Fascist Leaders, what’s clearly mentioned is that the trial “held a lot of expectancy for the hope of New Europe’s reputation as a “fair society”“. It might sound like a very nice sentence, and surely the trial of the fascist leaders marked the end of an era in New Europe, but how can you still claim it if months later you make the trial obsolete with your own hands? All micronations can set up a penal code; but only a good use of it can make it mean something, especially in cases like these.

2 Responses to “Eat at Nicks: defining “Justice””
  1. Some Guy says:

    New Europe has a National Socialist Party, Who has people in the Government, So technicly Facism never left New Europe.

  2. Imperial Government of New Europe says:

    We have followed the post trial developement closely. We understand that the pardon of Bullock and Ikner may seem unusual and “fishy”. And the evidence that Lahiff was the mastermind was only partially presented the first time. And it is not uncommon for rebels be pardoned for their sins. Henry VIII pardoned his subjects after the Northern counties rebelled against his church reforms. U.S. President Lincoln pardoned Confederate soldiers. These are simple examples of time in history when rebellious sinners who showed their repentence were absolved of such.
    His Majesty had stated “Both seemed sincerly sorry for what had occurred. Both had faithfully, and loyaly served their country before then. And seem more than willing to continue that service afterward. They both have confessed their parts in it, and have been found innocent of their crimes in the eyes of God.” What he means by “in the eyes of God” is uncertain.
    When the trial was over Ikner announced that he will indeed form a new Fascist party. Stating “The new party will prove to the world, that Fascism is a force of good, against all that is evil, coprrupt and immoral”

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