Kai Roosevelt leads ENCP to landslide victory, again

12 Assembly seats out of 15 for the Communists

As expected by exit polls and past surveys carried out by the Erusia Central News, the Erusian National Communist Party lead by Kai Roosevelt has won the April general elections with an overall majority of 9 seats, “a record breaking landslide victory”, after the ECN, who was responsible of publishing official results throughout the evening.

Out of the 15 seats of the Assembly, the Democratic Party of Erusia ended up with two seats, while the Party of Socialist Labour gained one. The most interesting result was, in my opinion, the one for Erus City Central: after almost a year of silence, Robert Lethler got his seat back, “stealing” it from the Democratic Party, though we must not forget the only seat gained by Socialist Labour legislator Julian Pieterson, the first seat ever gained by an independent or by a Labour Party member.

Of course the Communist Party was expected to win, and of course, the “again” on the title was sarcasm (you got to understand me, I should be sleeping now!) though I must confess that contrary to the past Erusian elections I’ve seen, this one was more expected to end up with a great Communist majority.

Don’t worry, it’s not because of some weird conspiracies involving the Catholic Church or the Kennedys, but rather because, also by checking the last articles published on the ECN, both the Party of Socialist Labour and the Democratic Party of Erusia show up poorly on the media! I often give a lot of importance to newspapers and other means of communication, and I felt like the ruling Communist Party was the only political movement in Erusia that took some time to go to the ECN and say “Hello! We’re here! We’re working for you!” (although Lethler would express it with more emphasis and nonchalance).

Hence, other than the high popular support that the ENCP has been perpetually showing since 2008, I also consider that a low appearance on the the ECN (and therefore almost an “invisible” political campaign) was a cause of the relatively inferior number of seats in which the DPE and the PSL were elected. My perspective might be wrong, but I kind of think it fits.


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