BREAKING: Lisa Cassidy elected President of St.Charlie

President-elect to take oath on May 1st

Lisa Cassidy, a 16-year-old first-term girl from Tor Pendente, officially ended the “Animal-president era” this night by winning election as the first female and Tor Pendentian (and human?) president of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

With a landslide victory of 87.5% (7 of 8 votes), Lisa has been confirmed as the winner of the elections that started last Tuesday, and that saw her against Alberto Schönfeld. The news was published a few minutes ago by Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt on the official forum of the Federal Republic, confirming that only 1 legislator casted his vote for her opposer.

“A new era has started tonight. -declared Reinhardt- I believe it’s time for us now to roll our sleeves and get to work”. James Lunam, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that “we had the ways to feel these elections, and the problems caused by the late decision, but now we’ll be able to put the Parliament back to work and to vote for new laws”. Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi has also expressed a positive reaction to the elections of Ms.Cassidy: “We’re all happy of this new entry”, he stated.

The news of Lisa being elected were welcomed positively also by the intermicronational community: Grand Duke Jamie Sutherland of Francisville, Mr.Cameron Falby of New Scireland, Comrade Robert Lethler of the DPRE and Comrade Mark Meehan of Nemkhavia, have all expressed their congratulations to Ms.Cassidy.

3 Responses to “BREAKING: Lisa Cassidy elected President of St.Charlie”
  1. Fish says:

    Congratulations to Miss. Cassidy!

  2. Flandrensis says:


  3. Congratulations Miss Cassidy!

    Congratulazioni al nuovo Presidente!

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