Reinhardt’s Corner: handing over Pristinian honors

Who knows if they’ll buy them if I put them on eBay or something..

Starting from this morning, Alexander Reinhardt is no longer a Duke, a Patron, and a Sir.

I believe it’s the first time I revoke some awards that were given to me, but this time there’s a proper reason, as you may all know. Until yesterday, in Pristinia, I was “Sir Alexander Reinhardt FOC (Freeman of the Order of the Chevron), Member of the Ordre du Gorge-Bleue, Duke of Tetraland and Patron of Novapolis”. I must admit that I almost forgot I had those titles, and when I discovered them again two days ago, I believed I couldn’t have them anymore. They all reminded me of a dark period in our history.

Yesterday, I started to ask myself: why did Frederic handle four awards to me in less than six months? It doesn’t sound right, as if I didn’t work much for these medals, and they were given to me automatically. Yes, I know that Frederic was in very good relations with me at the time, and that he constantly praised my leadership, as if Pristinia was a satellite state of St.Charlie, but I then thought of a possible reason behind the awards. Yes, he might have just had a good idea of me, but maybe, the Pristinian Government was trying somehow to keep me on a leash.

I ended up thinking this because indeed, even after that the Empire collapsed and Dresner rose to power, the nation went through a lot of controversial debates in which I didn’t say much, or I decided to just leave them talk. Only in the last months, as a MicroWiki Administrator and dissenter of  the Austenasian Civil War, we started to have some proper arguments, but in the end, I never did much against his aggressive and sometimes stressful speaking. Why this? Because, in a very remote section of my brain, I was thinking that, after all, they even gave me some awards, while I didn’t give anything to them, nor to their leader, Mark Dresner. “So why should I be rude with them?”. I then started to realize that feeling sorry was not a reason for staying behind, and ended up with long arguments against Mark, sometimes for very banal reasons that now, when I read back to them, make me giggle (and this is maybe why the United Federation of Socialist Micronations never gave me a medal.. ah, how sad).

So, what did I want to say through this article again? Ah yes, well.. other than the fact that you better not do the same mistake that I did, I wanted also to officially say that I revoked, starting from midnight of today, all Pristinian honors and titles that were awarded to me. The “egocentric medal collector”, as Nick called me, has decided to give some awards away. They reminded me too much of what was wrong in the last months, and they seemed like an insult to all the others that worked in the dossier, particularly Mr.Mark Meehan, that I’m starting to know better these days.

Oh, this weekend I will be in Firenze, and will meet with the leader of the Opposition, Magnus de Armis, for the first time. More updates coming soon!


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