Fabiana Gallo della Loggia resigns as Vice Sec. of the SCSM

In a surprise move, founder of the St.Charlian Socialist Movement, Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, a day after casting her vote for the Presidential elections, has decided to abandon the Socialist political scene by resigning from her title of Vice Secretary General of the Party. Starting from the 20th of April, she will be only in charge of the Department of Culture and Education. “A new St.Charlian Socialist political class is rising, and I feel like I’m on the way”, she declared this afternoon.

Magnus De Armis, current General Secretary of the Socialist Movement, has declared that current Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi will succeed her. “He is very active member of the SCSM and is contributing a lot to our Judicial system. -added Gallo della Loggia- He is a valuable successor and surely more active in the Party than me”.

In the last days, Fabiana has voted in favour of changing the name of the party from “Socialist Movement” to “Communist Party”, after a proposal by De Armis. The change, however, has been debated by Alvisi, stating that the name “might sound too extreme, and maybe too far from his political view”.


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