Nicolò Alvisi: Working for “a mirror of today’s civilized society”

Having a talk with the Minister of Justice…

I had the pleasure this week to have an interview with SCSM Minister of Justice Nicolò Alvisi, who started working “on the internet” from mid-March, after a long “offline” collaboration with Prime Minister Reinhardt. I discovered several important things about him, about the work he’s planning to go through, and about his experience in Italian politics. Enjoy the reading.

First of all thanks for accepting this interview. You appeared on the St.Charlian forum only a few days ago, and you already have an interview with the Observer! Don’t get big-headed (laugh). Any impression?
I must thank you for the splendid opportunity you conceded me with this interview. Firstly, I apologize to all St.Charlians for the late presentations, for which I waited three months! It’s exactly for this reason that there is now a lot of work now. Sincerely, I think St.Charlie is a bit like the realization of Thomas More’s Utopia: a people-oriented grouping of ideas in continuous development. As you can understand my first impressions are absolutely positive, and I doubt that they will change in the next months: all the Government équipe seems efficient, well formed and motivated, and I will work as much as possible for not disappointing the St.Charlian people.

From the eyes of several citizens you literally come out from nothing. Tell us about you, and about eventual things that make you special.
You’re right, I still am a ghost that wonders around the forum! Well, I am no superman: I am a “random” 16 year old guy that lives in Tor Pendente. I attend high school in Bologna (thank God for that..), I am deeply interested in Italian and international politics. I love French, comics and philosophy. I even have a dog! (laughs) And, absolutely, I love St.Charlie. Now that this part, especially made for gossip-seekers, is over, let’s skip to important matters.

I noticed you’re very interested in current Italian politics. Why exactly, and why do you call yourself an “anti-Berlusconi”?
I’ll be simple and clear: I think that every Italian with good sense, and that loves his “macronational” country, should be an “anti-Berlusconi”. In St.Charlie there are a lot of anti-Berlusconi… it’s normal, or better still, it’s a duty to fight against society’s cancers, that in Italy thanks to Silvio Berlusconi, spread all over the country and are now located in all parts of the nation. When a man stops working for society’s interests and starts working for his’, he then automatically doesn’t have the right to be called a “politician” anymore. And it’s with this spirit that I intend to protect St.Charlie’s justice.

Your program as Minister of Justice is impressing: penal code, prisons and several important decrees. Can you tell us something about it?
The plans I proposed are surely imposing, and will need a lot of energy from me. As y0u already exposed, the plan will proceed with these three principal points that will develop with time: the first urgent resolution is the creation of universally valid civil and penal codes, that will then be voted by the Parliament, and where the unanimity will be needed. The two codes, if no changes will be made, will be based off Roman law: the one I believe is the best for us. In secundis, I will propose various, more “politicized”, decrees, for instance the prohibition of entering the St.Charlian territory for Silvio Berlusconi; a proposal that was accepted with interest by Prime Minister Reinhardt. I will also try to introduce the offence of “contempt of the national flag”, a proposal that was already subject of a debate inside the Government, and also, the embitterment of several more important offences. Only after introducing these important reform, the colossal creation of a prison system inside St.Charlie will start. About this last proposal, I still don’t want to make anything public, since a lot of necessary elements for the proposal itself are missing.

Is it true that you’ll have to collaborate with the Department of Defense?
Yes indeed, the help of Minister of Defense Leonard Von Sternberg will be much needed, since the judiciary also needs the “active part” for its correct functioning.

I also read that you’ll finally shape the Supreme Court, by nominating judges. Are you already thinking of some names? Names that we know?
About the nomination of the judges of the Supreme Court, I can’t actually say anything about it for now. Its composition, however, will be more or less like this: through the “De Armis law of simplification”, I, as Minister of Justice, will be also Chief of the Supreme Court, and will have the right to nominate its members. The Supreme judges,  who will have to be confirmed by the incumbent Prime Minister, will be three, and  the ordinary judges, will be two. I would also like to point out that everyone who’s interested in joining us can write a request through the forum.

Concluding, how do you imagine the St.Charlian judicial system at the end of your mandate?
I see an equitable system, who’s aim is to grant security to both the St.Charlian people and its Government. I imagine a slim and rapid system, that secures all fundamental rights to everyone with no distinctions; a system that protects our Constitution as a shield. I imagine a judiciary system that can become a model for all other micronations, a mirror of today’s civilized society, a torch for truth, a useful tool available to everybody.


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