General Assembly publishes name of Presidential candidates

But the eternal rival of Tor Pendente is not happy..

President of the General Assembly Magnus de Armis and Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt have made public this morning the name of the Presidential candidates that will be elected in the next days by the St.Charlian Parliament. Their names are Lisa Cassidy and Alberto Schönfeld, they both come from Tor Pendente, but only one of them will succeed Whisky I as Federal President. After a request sent out to all federations, Tor Pendente was the only territory that handed out names for candidates.

Both of them, surprisingly, decided not to get affiliated with any political party for reasons of “unity”. “The President should represent everyone, everytime, and the affiliation to a political party might be dangerous” said Cassidy.

District received the news positively: President Ruvolo declared “they sure represent our community, as most of the citizens are teenagers”. No words from New Ridgeway. Caroline Charlotte, on the other hand, known with irony as the “rival” of Tor Pendente, has received positively the candidacy of Cassidy and Schönfeld but declared they “wanted to see someone else”. Reinhardt replied to the declarations by saying that “if Caroline Charlotte is unsatisfied of the candidates, they should have sent a name too”.

Elections for the President will occur before the 13th of April.

2 Responses to “General Assembly publishes name of Presidential candidates”
  1. Flandrensis says:

    I wish both candidates the best luck in these elections

  2. pristinia says:

    Indeed. Nota bene: “Everytime” is not a word 😉

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