Dresner replies to Vermeersch’s accusations

As a response to Grand Duke of Flandrensis, Niels Vermeersch’s accusations to Pristinian politician Mark Dresner, the leader of the United Federation of Socialist Micronations has sent us a letter that he wanted to see published on the Observer. I apologize for the delay in publishing it, as I had to deal with school.


Dear Observer staff,

I recently read the contribution by Mr. Vermeersch, known to many as the Grand Duke of Flandrensis. I had told the Propaganda Committee to stand down from producing any external propaganda regarding the matter, because I had thought that Mr. Vermeersch had enough dignity not to turn this into an unobjective public case. I thought he had sense enough to leave this case to rest once we had finished the discussion. But no, he had to contact the media of course. I disagree with his view of our nation as an undiplomatic nation, and I disagree with the statements on the MicroWiki page of Flandrensis.

Frankly, you may expect me to now create some great piece of propaganda, making Mr. Vermeersch and Flandrensis look bad. However, I will not stoop to that level. Truth is, I think of Mr. Vermeersch as a great micronationalist. Fine, politically we are completely different in our views (communism vs. monarchy and all that), and we disagree on this matter (our diplomaticity respective our non-diplomaticity) as well, but there is no need to carry this to a personal level.

Let us, thus, keep to the facts. The reasons for the Flandriaan disagreement with our foreign policy is probably our involvement in conflicts. What conflicts we were involved in is a relatively small number: Antarctic Claiming Conflict (doesn’t count, we were protecting a younger micronation and keeping peace), Zonian Conflict (fine, that was our bad but we apologized and Zona recognised this), Wyvernian Conflict (again, statements were not actual statements, and thus do not count), Austenasian Civil War (fine, our bad). Counting these together, we were involved in aggressive way only in one or at most two conflicts.

What I would also like to point out is that all decisions regarding conflicts were made jointly by the People’s Senate, that is me, Mr. Meehan, and Mr. Anjacka. The impulses also often came from ordinary citizens who then petitioned the Senate to get involved. I, in the end, was only the guy to make the important edits and release statements most of the time. The reason I made the edits was because Mr. Anjacka isn’t much of a MediaWiki expert, and Mr. Meehan often has problems editing due to the extreme slowness of his laptop at times. And I had to make the statements, why? Because I am the head of state. When Mr. Meehan made additional statements, the reason was to signify that the issues were extremely important to us.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Roger Dresner


4 Responses to “Dresner replies to Vermeersch’s accusations”
  1. pristinia says:

    Oh, and I’m not going to complain, but technically you ignored the terms of use for the flag. Keep it though, I don’t mind 😉


  2. Flandrensis says:

    I have carefully read the article. The Flandriaanse Parliament stay on their decision, however I’m glad to read that this will not turn into a personal level.
    All our positions I have explained in the previous article, a repetition is not necessary.
    Grand Duke Niels

  3. MaartenVanArkel says:

    The decisions of the government are clear.
    We found your statements undiplomatic.
    We don’t have problems with the fact you are a communist nation. We, ourselves, do not believe in communism, but you may. That is your choice. Happily we both live in a country where you are free to have your own ideas.
    With the phrase: “The differences are too big”, I meant that the statements of your government are too different from ours, therefore co-operation is very difficult, or inpossible.

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