Grand Duke Niels writes to the Observer

The Observer staff receives a letter.

Here I attach to you all a letter sent to us by Grand Duke Niels Vermeersch of Flandrensis, who was interviewed a few days ago by the Belgian television about micronationalism. Unfortunately, the letter he sent us is not about the interview, but rather about a small dispute going on, that Niels would like to clear out.


Dresner in disgrace in Flandrensis

On March 21, the Parliament of Flandrensis voted unanimously to withdraw all diplomatic relations with Mark Dresner and the UFSM. This proposal was submitted by the DRP after the statements of Dresner on Dutch people.

Dresner is already well-known for his undiplomatic statements and behaviour in the micronational community. After Maarten of Arkel, Minister of Foreign Affairs informed Dresner about the decision, Dresner vandalized the page of Flandrensis on MicroWiki, deleteting the following piece of text :”Flandrensis maintains an open mind and is friendly, diplomatic and holds respect as a priority“. He justified his action with: “actually thats (sic) sort of untrue now as well“.

Grand Duke Niels and Minister Maarten of Arkel described his actions as “childish”. Dresner declared, on a letter: I have no problems with Flandrensis or you or Maarten van Arkel, but having obvious lies on your article is something I would not advise you to have. Rest assured, our allies know about your acquittal of diplomatic relations and aren’t very happy either. If they’d have read sentences like those on your page, it may have made them a little more active in the matter than they are now, so, please, I ask you to remove the sentences for your own good.”

In a discussion that followed on MicroWiki, I stated:

How you run your state isn’t my problem, but your behavior in the micronational community. Flandrensis is open for other micronations and is open-minded, but we have limits.
Your many statements and attitude are considered by many micronations as undiplomatic, you’re involved in almost every micronational conflict/dispute and if you don’t have respect for others, you don’t deserve anymore respect from us.
Therefore the Parliament of Flandrensis voted to withdrawn any diplomatic relations with you. Do not bother about this, accept the consequences of your actions.”

The government of Flandrensis assured other nations that the dispute will not have any influence on their foreign relations with the Grand Duchy. Everyone knows the reasons why we withdrew diplomatic relations with Dresner, what the rumors are.


Dresner, of course, is more than allowed to send us the reply.

13 Responses to “Grand Duke Niels writes to the Observer”
  1. Flandrensis says:

    I’m waiting with the other article untill I have the photo’s 😉
    So don’t worry :p

  2. pristinia says:

    Reply sent.

    Also, I would like to point out for the five million and seventh time that I never made any “statements about the Dutch people”, I made an example of what Bradley of Wyvern’s racism feels like. If you want to look at the whole thread, Mr. Vermeersch, register at the OAM forums and request access.

    • Flandrensis says:

      This example you will understand better:
      Imagine: There is a political discussion between Gordon Brown of the UK and Jan Peter Balkenende of the Netherlands. Brown wants to make something clear and as example he used the same statements like yours about the Dutch… what will be the consequences?

      Just like every politician or head of state in the world, a micronationalist must always represent his nation and show diplomatic respect to others, even in times of heavy disputes!
      It is not just about your “statements” about the Dutch, but also your lack of respect toward other micronations and your undiplomatic behaviour in the micronational community. Like Maarten said: “We had respect and confidence in you, but now that is over.”


      Grand Duke Niels

      • Egtavia says:

        Now then, something needs clearing up here. I also do not condone many of Mr Dresner’s actions, but I feel that he has been misjudged in this case. Bradley of Wyvern was being extremely rude towards him, to the extend of making fun of the Holocaust (need I remind you, Mr Dresner’s grandparents were victims of that atrocity), and he was also making a very unfair generalisation of the German people.

        Mr Dresner, in an attempt to show Bradley of Wyvern how generalising he was being, he wrote a counterstatement in the same vein of Bradley’s earlier statement, in an attempt to show how stupid he was being. Admittedly, it may not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it certainly was NOT intended as a racist attack on the Dutch people.

  3. pristinia says:

    Also, which photos?

  4. Flandrensis says:

    To Egtevia,

    We read the letter of Dresner after his statements and we know what his intensions were. But before those statements there was already criticism in Flandrensis (and others) about the undiplomatic behavior of Dresner and his lack of respect (these are the reasons).

    There is confusion here because some of you think that we only withdrawn diplomatic relations because of his statements of the Dutch… I don’t know how you translate this proverb in English but I mean: “Het was de druppel die de emmer deed overlopen”. For more information, well I will not repeat again what I’ve posted here 😉 everything is clear.

    Grand Duke Niels

    • Egtavia says:

      Ah, I see your reasoning now. I think that it would be in my best interests to steer clear of this topic for now, lest I end up upsetting someone.

      P.S. Thanks to Mr Dresner for the translation.

  5. pristinia says:

    You can translate that one literally: It was the drop that made the bucket overflow.

  6. pristinia says:

    I still wonder: Which photos?

  7. Arkel says:

    It is probably a little bit off-topic, but in reply to Mr. Dresner and Mr. Vermeersch, a head of state or leader of the government is always fully responsible for what he/she said. I remember Balkenende-II, when one minister said accidentally something wrong, the whole cabinet collapsed.
    An American ex-General said in an interview (1 or 2 weeks ago) that the collapse of the enclave Srebrenica is a fault of Dutch gay millitaries. Our Minister of Defense will take action. That is what should be done in such cases.
    And again, yes some things are taken out off the context, but such things happen!
    I do not believe you said anything wrong about the Dutch. But as Niels said it was the drop that made the bucket overflow.

  8. pristinia says:

    No, it was Niels, I translated for him.

    And btw, my reply still hasn’t been published :(…

  9. pristinia says:

    HELLO! You published Mr. Vermeersch’s reply the day you got it! Why has my reply taken you A WEEK and counting?!

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