Eat at Nicks: “La revanche des uniformes”

Who said the military is always for war?

The Austenasian Civil War is living on borrowed time: the activity of Esmondian and Carolinian troops fell dramatically, and the only “promoter” of the conflict, Mark Dresner, withdrew the troops of the SUNP this morning, after that the Nemkhavians headed by Sir Mark Meehan decided, let’s say, to get their flag back again. It’s the first time I see Meehan back to life after several weeks, but that’s another story (I might talk about this in the next days)…

As far as I can see now, the only thing that is actually keeping the war alive is ceasefires, and a few micronations that still didn’t understand the way things are going (n.b NottaLotta Acres came back after weeks of invisibility just to join the conflict, bon mouvement). The Grand Unified Micronational is, apparently, dealing with both sides, and the March 10 meeting in where Crown Prince Jonathan, Emperor Esmond and Princess Caroline sat around a table, no one cam out of the room with a black eye. So far so good…

… but today, the final blow was sent by the Headquarters of the SCAF.

Other than being treated like a scholar, there is another thing that Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg doesn’t like: disgrace the uniform. We all know Leonard’s videos: retro haircut, some documents on the desk, a portrait of the Virgin Mary in the background (maybe inherited from a grandmother), but always (and I say always) a neat and tidy uniform. Tonight, on the SCBN, on the video published, he appeared professional, and with words that I would have never expected to come out of his mouth. At first, I imagined he would have promoted the pacific decision of the Armed Forces not to get involved in the Civil War (as if the Parliament would have allowed it), but then, I found out it was a reproach, directed to Lord General William Kingsnorth.

His words were clear and simple: “Even if sometimes we don’t agree with decisions, we must always remain loyal [to the State], to the constitution and to the Military oath that we all do for wearing a uniform”. Von Sternberg did not actually treat Kingsnorth like a kid that didn’t respect the rules, but more like a “servant of the State” that should go back to its Emperor. I personally liked it, because unlike some foreign addresses I’ve seen in the last days, his speech was not pretentious, or conceited. It was condemning the rebels, obviously, but for a proper reason: once a soldier, always a soldier. Maybe if William Kingsnorth left the rebel side the civil war would still continue, but at least the “military honor”, after what Von Sternberg claimed, would remain safe. Strangely enough, Dresner did not comment his intervention. 😀

And now that the military has found a valid representative that surely expressed himself in name of all uniformed micronationalists out there, and now that the “foreign allies” remaining are only a fist of semi-inactive micronation, we seem to be at a conclusion. The Austenasian Civil War will probably terminate by next week, and the decisions that will be taken and its outcome will show in which direction our community really is going to.

5 Responses to “Eat at Nicks: “La revanche des uniformes””
  1. “a portrait of the Virgin Mary in the background (maybe inherited from a grandmother)”: LOL, thats right!

    I really liked this article. Nice work!

  2. pristinia says:

    You portray Mr. Meehan’s leaving as related to the Austenasian issue. However, it is not in any way whatsoever linked to the Civil War, as he will personally tell you if you ask him. And the only reason you think Mr. Meehan was absent, was because he was very busy with his university work. Also, he was our representative at the Organisation of Active Micronations, and promoted several policy debates in the People’s Council. He took an active part in Culture Planning and the structurization of our Administrative Divisions. He also played a major role in structurizing our Army. But with a few exceptions it was I who made the respective edits, since his time was limited and since he thinks me of being better versed in Wiki formatting and such. It is true that Meehan disagreed with me on the point of participation in the Civil War. But this did not in any way lead to the Nemkhav split. The ongoing reforms to an authoritarian state did. Thank you.

  3. Nick Maggiore says:

    To be honest, Mark, I never claimed that the Austenasian Civil War caused the SUNP to collapse, since I actually read the speech released by Meehan on MicroCommons and he didn’t talk about it. On the other hand, I assumed that leaving the war might have been caused by the fall of the Socialist Union, which is maybe the most reasonable cause so far.

  4. pristinia says:

    Leaving the Union was actually caused, and here is one of the few occurances of me admitting that, by the fact that I realised I had done a big mistake. You really won’t get to hear that often, so consider yourself lucky ;-). The truth is, I was the coiner of the term “Age of Newly Found Peace” and one of the greatest adversaries of the Second Black March, and what do I do? I help the idiots who coined *that* term to bring across their point. I help open a path for a Third Black March, a fourth, fifth, sixth, even seventh one… …I was utterly stupid and I realised that, luckily before anything serious could happen.

  5. pristinia says:

    *leaving the war

    Sorry, I was a little absent-minded 😛

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