Austenasian Civil War declared: GUM releases statement

A civil war this morning has been declared inside the Empire of Austenasia, between Emperor Esmond III and Lord General William. Apparently, the was was caused by the outcome of the Vestry Conference, and by the refusal of several members of the Austenasian authorities, including Princess Caroline, of the coronation of Esmond as Emperor of Austenasia, who succeded Terry I in mid-February 2010.

Following the placement of Princess Caroline at house arrest, a statement was released by Marc Dresner, from the SUNP, that decided to back up the Austenasian rebels, claiming that “the Parliament (Legislative) should, in a monarchy, not decide upon who acts as the executive. Nor should the current executive’s son. There is a coherence system in lines of succession, which was, here, clearly broken”.

Newly elected Vice Chairman of GUM, Alexander Reinhardt, on the other hand, has published the following statement:

Ladies and gentlemen of the Quorum and members of the intermicronational community,

together with the GUM I’ve been through several conflicts and civil wars, though this one is a little more special that the other one’s I’ve seen. Contrary to other civil wars, I don’t see the Austenasian Civil War as a conflict that someone has been really asking for: I personally see it as a protection, the reaction of something that no one wanted to see happening: a quarrel over power. I will not criticize the replies of other foreign micronationalists, though I believe in a quick resolution of this matter, and Dresner’s offer was not constructive, with all due respect for the authority he represents, though he might have been right on several points. Princess Caroline does indeed have the right to claim the throne, but I am trustful of Jonathan and Terry, and I’m sure that the decision to crown Esmond Emperor of Austenasia was not made just to affront her.

The GUM has built its foundations with diplomacy, respect, and pacifism, and we will not make an exception this time. Me and the others believe that something must be done to prevent the civil war to end badly, and we are ready to try and secure a peace settlement through the help of our mediators, who are always here to help. We are ensuring a neutral treatment for both parties, however, we still recognize the legitimacy of the Austenasian Government led by Emperor Esmond III and Crown Prince Jonathan.

I believe in finding a quick solution to this problem. I think we all agree that there is no need of a civil war right now. We already had a black March last year, and judging by the articles talking about a “Second black March” for this year, written by a few micronationalists on MicroWiki, I don’t want to give them the pleasure to see such again.”

One Response to “Austenasian Civil War declared: GUM releases statement”
  1. pristinia says:

    The fact of the matter is, that this is not about war and peace, or conflict and tranquility. This is about righteousness, this is about justice. And justice needs to be done regardless of whether that promotes peace or not. We will not rest until the Austenasian throne is officially handed over to the rightful heir, Empress Caroline. If this Civil War ends in peace, we will not instigate conflict, and we didn’t react yesterday, because we explicitly wanted to see a peaceful resolution. But as long as justice is endangered, we will do everything in our power to bring justice to the Austenasian people.

    Also, an annotation: Austenasia is called Austenasia because it is supposed to be ruled by the Austen family. Esmond is not of the Austen family, so the meaning of Austenasia’s name has vanished, bearing a worrying impact on the micronation.

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