Emergency vote of no confidence nominates Reinhardt as GUM Vice Chair

A vote of no confidence, motioned by the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia, has been proposed days ago against Murrayfield leader Ben Lawson for recurrent inactivity. After a discussion between several active members of the Grand Unified Micronational, Alexander Reinhardt has been voted as a successor to Mr.Lawson. Reinhardt’s nomination was made “to prevent GUM to fall into inactivity after the long absence of both Chairman Tierney and Vice Chair Lawson”, he said. Following his nomination, he was then immediately granted emergency powers by the Quorum.

“There are conventions in place that allow the Vice-Chairman to exercise the Chairman’s authority. As Vice-Chairman, Mr. Reinhardt can work to restore the GUM to normal activity until the Chairman returns” said former GUM Chairman Robert Lethler while having closed multilateral negotiations with other members including Jamie Sutherland and Guillaume Soergèl, from Francisville and Sandus. Sutherland, backing Lethler, said that “the role of the Vice-Chairman is to take leadership if and when the Chairman is not available to do so. Unfortunately, it seems that Mr Lawson has not done so.”

With the incoming education and culture reforms, and the drafting of the “Strauss Decree”, no one would have expected the St.Charlian “Baron of Flandrensis” to succeed Ben Lawson. We’ll see the effects of the Quorum’s decision in the next days. So far, no comments were released by the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield.


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