Dresner’s comments not welcomed positively

President of the SUNP Mark Dresner tries to explain stereotypes, but gets micronational community against him.

Comrade President of the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia, Mark Dresner, is in serious trouble now after a comment made on Dutch culture was subject of an enormous debate within the walls of the Organization of Active Micronations. The leader of the SUNP, while arguing with Bradley of Wyvern, posted the following message on the forum:

“All Dutch people only eat cheese, they wear wooden shoes and live in windmills. All they do is visit the market and go shop for dairy products and fish, and every two days there’s a flood. They’re also all anti-islamic rightists because one dutch guy, Geert Wilders, was anti-islamic and a rightist. Thus one can safely conclude that all dutch people are bigotic nazis. Ah yes and they have no life because they all play violent video games regardless of age.”

The post resulted in a heavy response by the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, which, of course, asked for an official apology, judging the words as “unworthy and offensive”; Niels I was later followed by Wyvern itself, Sterling and Patetopia, that more or less took the same direction regarding Dresner’s attitude.

Apparently, from what Dresner later admitted on a letter addressed to Flandrensis, the post was originally made as a way to disagree with Bradley of Wyvern’s judgement of New Europeans, calling them Fascists. “He specifically reasoned this belief in the fact that New Europe is oriented after the German culture”, he added on the letter, and, as a way to discourage him from doing so in the future, he made an example with Dutch people. From what Dresner claims, and from what is actually visible in the OAM forums, it is said that the whole matter was a misunderstanding.

Now, whether Dresner’s intention was to show an example of stereotyping, or to mock Dutch people, the fact is that the suspension demanded by Philip Fish, Chair of the OAM, is clear: “ridiculous and unceasing bickering and insults flying around the forum like ticking grenades. We are micronationalists, we represent an entity/state and we are to behave in a diplomatic fashion, no matter what the circumstances“. The only difference between Fish’s response and the others’ is that the Chairman of the OAM is claiming that it is not the first time and that in some way, it’s not the first time that flame wars caused by the current President of the SUNP become a danger the micronation’s stability.

Mark Dresner is famous around the MicroWiki community for causing several flame wars about a large number of subjects, mostly administration and articles. Several hours ago, casually, he was involved in an argument involving the decision to block the MicroWiki Newsfeed from editing due to its constant misuse. The matter was later solved, and this, after all, is another story.

After Dresner’s response the community seems to have “calmed down”, after it became more clear that all of this was a clear misunderstanding: I myself don’t see any reason why Dresner would have to insult Dutch people, and about Wyvern, I have the strange impression Bradley is trying to keep Dresner under the bad spotlight just for fun. Surely, the matter already ended today, but one thing is sure: while on one side Bradley’s comments don’t seem to be helpful for bringing back peace, Dresner must be more cautious of what he says: he’s already known for being polemical, and it’s not making him go far.

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