Don’t touch my uniforms.. but they’re cool

There are two things that the honorable Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg horribly hates. The first one is being treated like a scholar by the other Flag Rank Officers of the SCAF because he still didn’t get any awards other than the Armed Forces Administration Badge. The second he hates, on the other hand, is when someone makes his job, especially if the person that does it is a show-off lad like Alexander Reinhardt. 😛

We’ve all took a look at the new ranks of the St.Charlian Navy (did we? In case you didn’t, you can still see them here) and I must say that they’re not bad at all: simple, professional, and very elegant as well. However, they are not “made in Caroline Charlotte”, which is something that our Chief of Staff didn’t appreciate. And since St.Charlie is known for its polemical news service, he wrote to me days ago, asking me to write an article about it. What the Admiral General mostly is annoyed about, is the fact that Reinhardt changed the ranks of the Navy without asking anyone, while him had to go through the Parliament for the SCMP reform, and since he is the Minister of Defense, he should worry about this. On the other hand, since I hate “in absentia” trials, I asked Reinhardt too about this story, and he told me that “Navy ranks were a test, just to see how they would have looked, and since they were pretty nice, I decided to keep them. The uniforms had to be changed anyway, so I just contributed”.

Apparently, it was the only time where our Prime Minister did some job for the Maroon Berets: the new ranks and uniforms designed for the Police Department and the Border Troops are being commissioned by Von Sternberg, which added later that he however liked the designs made by Alexander, though, in any way, it’s only his job.

I decided to write this article not because I’d like to see a scandal, nor because I want to make Von Sternberg look like a paranoid and Reinhardt as a workaholic, but because I’d like to show again why I decided to join St.Charlie (and no, it’s not some propaganda either.. we have a slow bureaucracy in here): we might look as the weirdest group of people that never joined micronationalism, but we like to do our job, and we’d kill if someone went on the way. I just hope that the full designs will be posted soon (since I’m somehow curious of how will they look like), since I heard of an eventual change. So therefore.. Alexander should have asked Leonard, but the ranks are cool.

2 Responses to “Don’t touch my uniforms.. but they’re cool”
  1. Nice article!

    PS: before I sayed you to write this article I spoke with R.
    PS2: the new uniforms will be “available” approx. this weekend (ranks will be the same ;P)
    PS3: i was not angry with R. because of the bad ranks or whatever, but it was because he made my job… i like the new ranks, like those i created for the border troops (new ones) 🙂

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  1. […] Other than being treated like a scholar, there is another thing that Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg doesn’t like: disgrace the uniform. We all know Leonard’s videos: retro haircut, some documents on the desk, a portrait of the Virgin Mary in the background (maybe inherited from a grandmother), but always (and I say always) a neat and tidy uniform. Tonight, on the SCBN, on the video published, he appeared professional, and with words that I would have never expected to come out of his mouth. At first, I imagined he would have promoted the pacific decision of the Armed Forces not to get involved in the Civil War (as if the Parliament would have allowed it), but then, I found out it was a reproach, directed to Lord General William Kingsnorth. […]

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