Eat at Nicks: Quest for ratings

It’s hard to leave micronationalism, even for a short period of time. Cool story: I ‘m absent for almost a week, and when I suddently come back, I find another fist of communist micronations, the privatization of the Erusia Central News, and the creation of two more micronational newspapers that desire to become the main news source of the MicroWiki community.

Alright, now take me as a dirty New Yorker bastard, but alas, I’ll have to be both positive and critical about these two newborn newspapers: the Intermicronational Tribune, and the Micronational Monthly, respectively founded by Secundomia and the Slinky Empyre (sic). They both seem to have great aspirations, and they both show interest in a lot of micronational matters, but both of them need to improve a lot. However, it must be said that the first edition of the Observer wasn’t great either: Reinhardt with a fake moustache, huge fonts, and a talking dog. Ah, the nostalgia..

The Intermicronational Tribune seems to have started positively: it already published one edition and is developing quickly. However, if I might say, it needs to take a better look at grammar and names: I know a certain Robert Lethler that would kill if someone called it “Eurasia” again, and from the point of view of the reader, if you can’t spell names correctly, you don’t appear informed, which is pretty bad for a newspaper, eh? For the rest, articles seem to be alright, though I advice Parker of Secundomia to focus more on his micronation first: usually newspapers inform about internal affairs, and since Secundomia hasn’t got an internal news agency other than the Tribune, I’d give a higher priority to “what happens in my house” before of “what happens in my neighbor’s house”. Oh, and forget about “monthly editions”: too much stuff happens in thirty days, if you get what I mean.

And now, since the Micronational Monthly asked for suggestions, here I am. With all due respect, you cannot start a newspaper by stating that you’re planning to become an intermicronational news source and then specify that the newspaper will focus on Slinky and its allies: the micronational world is so huge, that not even the St.Charlian Observer or the Pasargadan Tribuna Popular (which I particularly like) can cover it fully, and since you’re making it monthly, how will everything fit in a page? But the first prize surely goes to the fact that it’s other users that have to submit their stories to the newspaper, if they want to see them published (I’m talking about the talk page on MicroWiki).Shouldn’t a journalist look for news and write them by himself? What if noone posts stories? The newspaper dies? I am not being a prick because I’m the director of another newspaper, but instead, because if everyone wants to make its own paper, it must at least know how the whole process works. I am sure that the Micronational Monthly will improve in the next months, but it needs to do so by itself, and not with the help of other people. Look at the Erusia Central News: everyone hates it, but everyone reads it, and they write articles by themselves!

Concluding, there still is one thing that I can’t stand in any way: what is the need of creating an intermicronational news source? I would have much more appreciated the creation of the “Secundomian Tribune” or the “Saint Rychard Monthly” instead of two newspapers that seem to do the same exact job. The only outcome we’d have would be a “media war”, made to determine who’s the best news source of MicroWiki, when at the same time other newspapers that write stories about their micronation are willingly ignored.

So while Mark Dresner from Pristinia advices to create a MicroWiki newspaper, and while Jacob Tierney forgets the fact that he is actually the Chairman of GUM, Erusia applies for the OAM and Secundomia and Slinky struggle to become the first micronational news source of MicroWiki by giving impressive names to their papers. The quest has begun.

2 Responses to “Eat at Nicks: Quest for ratings”
  1. pristinia says:

    Ditto, I was actually planning to make a speech about this, but you expressed it nice and concisely 🙂

  2. Bob says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Both newspapers need to be more frequent, better spelling & grammar and wider content, which will be very hard.

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