Landashir: transition to start in March

His Royal Importance James II of Landashir has confirmed major reforms in the Crown Principality.

The Crown Principality will be subject of a huge Governmental reform that will take place on the 1st of March. James Puchowski, known formally as HRI James II of Landashir has decided that the current Constitutional Monarchy that is de facto leading the country will be abolished, together with the territorial claims on the British Isles: Landashir will effectively become an “Antarctic democracy” from next month.

Puchowski has confirmed on both Youtube and MicroWiki that the claims, located in High Wycombe, outside London, will acquire the status of “Embassy-Headquarters”, being still the residence of the Landashir’n founder. The Antarctic Community of Landashir, which at the moment is a part of the Crown Principality that unites all Landashir’n Antarctic claims, will effectively become the sole territory of the micronation.

A massive political change will occur too: following the abolition of the Royal family, the House of Puchowski Green, the current leader of Landashir will earn the new title of “Premier of Landashir”, elected every year, therefore making the micronation officially a democracy. A new Constitution shall be drafted too, but no comments were made by His Royal Importance about the new Basic Law. He admitted however to be very excited about this reform that will, after all, change the political system of Landashir, that lasted for almost nine years.

The “Landashir’n change” was received positively by the St.Charlian Government. Prime Minister Reinhardt has commented the transition as “a giant step for Landashir, which will occur in a few days, but already looks amazing”. “We might miss the Crown Principality as it is right now, with its charme -he later added- but I am very trustful of James and I think this transition will make Landashir a better place, more of what it is now”. As former leader of the SCSM, Fabiana Gallo della Loggia said that “as Socialists we were pretty skeptical of the Landashir’n monarchy in the beginning, but then we changed our mind: James is a good man, and the Antarctic community will be a good successor of the Landashir that we know now”.


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