Tor Pendente: Heavy snow falls, State of emergency declared

The St.Charlie Armed Forces together with the Department of Environmental Issues have declared a state of emergency in the federation of Tor Pendente with a “state of minor alert” in District. Chief of Staff of the SCAF, Admiral General Von Sternberg has announced that the state of emergency will be on until the weather is stabilized. Caroline Charlotte has refused the state of emergency, claiming that the only problem at the moment is cold temperatures, which they’re used to. The state of emergency was also declared in District, where temperatures have hit 0 °C. “The worst still has to come. -said Alexander Reinhardt- Tomorrow it’ll be ice all around the Italian regions. I really can’t understand why several Italian cities left schools open”. In the region of the Emilia-Romagna, where there were heavy snow falls this morning, only the cities of Modena and Forlì will keep schools closed.

That’s right: schools in Bologna and Parma will be open tomorrow, therefore: party is over. Precautions will be taken however for Tor Pendente, where several citizens are afraid of eventual accidents they might have tomorrow morning while going to school. “If I’ll get hurt tomorrow because schools are open -said Sara, a citizen- I’ll get angry, for sure”. The Presidents of Tor Pendente and District haven’t yet released any communiqués regarding the state of emergency.

One Response to “Tor Pendente: Heavy snow falls, State of emergency declared”
  1. Caroline Charlotte refuses the “state of emergency”, because, also if we have 30-40 cm of snow, a big part of the streets are covered in ice and the temperature during the last week were under -10 C° (during day), the infrastructure of public transports and the city maintainance is very efficient.

    Adm. Gen. L. Von Sternberg
    Minister of Defense

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