Prime Minister Eastwood on the Crimean referendum

In a press statement published this morning by his Office, Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood and his Government have condemned the violence that has recently taken place in the Ukraine and declared support for the Crimean population, who recently announced its intention to join Russia. “The Federal Republic must condemn the acts of violence that recently … Continue reading

Alexander Reinhardt is the new President of St.Charlie

The President-elect: “Promote the bacon-and-eggs policy” February 17, the clock at the General Assembly is about to strike 9.30 PM when President of the General Assembly Lorenzo Zoni closes the session. Eight votes in favor, no abstention, no opposition: Alexander Reinhardt has been unanimously elected as the fourth President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. … Continue reading

St.Charlie Chess Open ready to start

Codenotti: “Chess is a way to know myself better” Today marks the start of the St.Charlie Chess Open, a tournament of the Inter-Micronational Chess Federation that will see numerous micronationalists play against each other. The event was organised by Rigas Papadopoulos, President, Tournament Organizer and manager of the IMCF, already active in the national field of … Continue reading

Nationals nominate Alexander Reinhardt for Presidency

General Secretary of the NPSC, Marka Mejakhansk, said this evening that the National Party intends to propose the name of Alexander Reinhardt in the incoming Presidential elections. Mejakhansk already discussed in the last days with the First Ambassador, who accepted the nomination. The proposal was made to the Central Council on Wednesday by Mejakhansk himself and saw … Continue reading

Ashukovo, reflections on a Presidential inauguration

A St.Charlian Observer Reportage January 20. It is 9pm in the District of Laru, in the Ashukov Federation, when the virtual room is opened. A few people start chatting, others make jokes about a missing microphone. Suddenly, a young man interrupts the conversation: “this is not the appropriate room, please go back to the Laundžidav … Continue reading